How did your opening day go?


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Jun 28, 2012
Pretty good for me. Rest of the crew didn’t see too much. Saw 3 in the morning. Good buck chasing a doe. Only thing gave me a shot was a button. Saw 4 in the evening, only thing gave me a shot was a spike. Rough weather about all day so pretty happy.


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Dec 13, 2001
Poorly. Perfect weather early but never saw a deer. Then the rain and wind blew in and it didn't get any better. I decided I might as well hustle back home and watch the end of the UK Vandy game. lol


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Sep 1, 2011
Eubank, Ky
Damn Walmart Salesman is a lying piece of crap. Bought one of those scope gun combos Friday night. He said it was good to go. Missed a freaking stud at like 250 three times. Hahahaha just kidding. Rain sucked all morning in Pulaski, only saw a little buck. Evening was a bit better saw 4 does, 2 of which were moving at Mach 5, and a small 8 pointer. Jumped a deer going out but not sure what it was.


Dec 25, 2019
Bowling Green
I only have 1 day available to gun hunt this year so i had to make the best out of the day. got in the blind around 5 am. was sleeting until 8ish. around 815 decent 10 showed up around 30 years. took the shot. dropped gave it 30. while waiting the shooting started picking up.


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Apr 21, 2005
Slow day, didn’t see a thing. At least I’m hunting and not setting on the couch so that’s good.
Heard a few shots in the evening from the roadhunters who burn the ridge across the creek where they can ride their side by sides..


Nov 10, 2022
Burlington, KY
Slow. Moved stands around mid day. Rattled two in, lost them in some brush, grunted and rattled some more. One came running across the creek the other took its time. By the time I put my crosshairs on the best buck he spooked. Called him back around, got anxious he’d spook again, rushed my shot and missed. Choked hard. Disappointing and still kicking myself in the butt. Couldn’t let it go all night. Was the first time I ever had a buck come running in charged up like that to a rattle.


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Sep 30, 2014
Slow morning, busy evening. They seemed to move consistently from 2pm-dark. A lot of shots heard throughout the day.


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Dec 11, 2007
Bullitt County
One of the best opening days for me. I saw over a dozen turkey's, 8 doe and 4 different bucks. Saw a smaller buck chasing a doe and grunting while it was snowing. :) I didn't see much of anything today. First time in a long time that I shot a buck on opening weekend.

Friendly Tip.... Make sure your gun is loaded once you get into your stand. Pulled trigger yesterday and got the "CLICK" ooooops.... Rookie mistake.

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