How did your opening day go?


6 pointer
Aug 23, 2021
Hardinsburg Kentucky
How was your opener? I was in my little brush blind at 5:45 central. Pouring the rain. Had a small doe come by at 7:45 and it started snowing like crazy. Then I had a chocolate lab with a orange collar come by about 8:00. At 8:30 a big doe came by at about 12 yards with two yearlings, one was a little doe and the other was a button buck. About the same time the snow stopped. Ended up with a good solid inch or better. Wind was blowing pretty good. All was quiet till 11:00 when I had a youn buck come in around 20 yards. He had 4 points on one side and the other side was broke off about 4 inches above his skull. Came in at noon and made some lunch. I went back out to another spot where I have a ladder stand. Hunted till dark but no other sightings. I did hear a shot a few hundred yards away across the road at 4:15. Other than that there wasn’t any other shots fired within a mile or more from me.


12 pointer
Sep 9, 2010
louisville kentucky
Pretty slow for us too. No deer seen this morning. This afternoon dad saw 2 does, I saw a small buck cruising and 2 does, heard another deer cruising but brush was too thick to see it


12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
Saw a 4 point and doe this morning. This afternoon I Saw a spike, little 6 chasing two does, and rattled in a pretty 8. 115, maybe 120. Young deer. Hope he survives two more years. Just heard a good buck was killed near me this afternoon. Not seen pics yet.


12 pointer
Dec 13, 2016
Morning, was horrible, till about 9, only heard 1 shot before lunch, dont ever remember that happening, heard more than that years ago, when there werent many deer, seen a lot of deer after 9. Saw 10 different bucks, had a big rack, and bodied buck, with left side broke off, saved his life.
Nov 11, 2018
Got in the blind extra early before 5, heard no shots and saw no deer until 5:15ish. Heard one shot and saw one doe. However, it was 60 degrees at 5 am and the temps didn’t start to drop until close to dark. Wont be able to go back until next Friday, they cancelled my vacation days that I had scheduled since March. Oh well guess deer hunting will be like the DR, get to go every 10 or 12 years.


8 pointer
Dec 25, 2011
Over the Hill
Only saw a doe a little one this morning neighbors were blowing up the country, this afternoon the neighbors started again about 3:30 but I saw 13 does and little ones, a small six and a nice 10 pointer. I think I’ve gone crazy because I’ve hunted my butt off for three weeks trying to kill a nice buck and have a pretty but young 10 pointer come in and I just sit there and watch him, just didn’t seem right to take him with a gun, maybe he’ll make it a couple more years and be a dandy.


12 pointer
Jul 28, 2008
Pretty good. Saw 6 bucks total before 930. 2 were pretty good. Couldn’t get a shot on either of the good ones. One was behind brush and the other skylined me on the ridge behind me. Movement stopped when the rain picked up. Fun day in the woods

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