Hopkins County


Aug 19, 2020
Dawson Springs
He had been a pretty regular visitor to a feeder deep in the woods, didn't run with a bachelor group, wouldn't come into feeder unless mature deer were already there, wouldn't come to feeder for a day or two after it was filled.
Would come in just before dark or be there until just after dawn...if I was lucky.

I had gotten in stand at 4 am numerous mornings, only to find out later from the camera that he was there before daylight. I had sat in the afternoons only to have him come in when I couldn't see well enough to shoot....was a cat and mouse game.

Saturday morning I was in stand at 4 am, left stand at 7:30 because he NEVER showed up later than 7 am. At 8:10 he walked into the feeder...unreal.

If it was a game he was winning.

Saturday night he came in with 5 min of daylight left and another mature buck at the feeder....he ran him off and took his time coming all the way in.

I got my shot, stuck him good and felt real sure I heard him pile up within 50 yards.

Quietly got down, walked out and come back an hour or so later....not much blood but he ran the trail and was dead about 60 yards out.

That's about it, I had been watching him since early summer....smart old buck and I was extremely happy to have a chance on him.

For those that care he was 167 6/8, not the biggest deer I have killed but probably will always be my favorite because he's the first off of our own land.

Thanks again to everyone.

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