Hopefully this is good news for expanding the pursuit of fish and game!!

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by bearleft, Jun 8, 2019.

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    I seen that yesterday, I am curious if kentucky will have any new areas too hunt opened up. Think it said 46 states would be effected, so surely we will
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    Only 5 NWR new ones added where it is not allowed already. Not sure if Kentucky has a national fish hatchery or not. Looks like some hunting/fishing may be allowed on them. Is there a NWR that don't allow hunting/Fishing in Kentucky ?
    I have hunted Big Oaks and Muscatatuck NWR's in Indiana. Big Oaks was Jefferson Proving ground just north of Madison and had been hunted for years under that name. Muscatatuck is just east of Bedford and I forget the first year they open for any hunting. It was for deer only, the first few years was some tow day archery and late ML seasons. Both were by special draw and a limited number of hunters, except Muscatatuck open for a very late archery season after the ML hunts were done. I drew in the first day ever of ML in Muscatatuck. Scouting you could walk up on some monster bucks. And I mean within 10 yards before they moved. Once those first few shots went off they learn fast and headed to the non-hunting areas on the NE and SW corners of the refuge. I killed a decent 150 inch 12 point that first morning 10 minutes into shooting time that went near 220 lb dressed. First year there was no tree stands allowed. I was standing in a fence row leaning against a tree between two corn/weed fields that was open for about 40 yards on the end between the corn and major wooded area to the east. He came walking out of those woods headed for the corn without a care in the world but never made it.
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