Hoosier National Forest

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    My son lives in Indiana and hunts there and wants me to hunt there with him or take my grandson to hunt.There season comes in the same time Ky. gun season comes in and since I don't have much land to hunt it is an alternative .Now I have created a monster with my grandson since he has already taken his buck in Ky. and is done buck hunting in Ky. he wants to go bad! No rifle hunting only slug or muzzle loader. My problem is my age and the walking to try and get away from the crowd. Just seeking input from any that may have hunted there.
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    This may be of interest to you. It was an enjoyable read and generated feedback from others.

    Five Steps for Hunting the Hoosier National Forest

    ..I slowly paddled the old canoe down the misty darkness of the small muddy river. Submerged logs drew the camouflage brute like a moth to a flame, and by the time I bumped my way to the shallow rapids where my stand waited, the forested river bottom was aglow in morning light. I was arriving late, but I had high hopes for the morning hunt – it was mid November and the rut was swinging into high gear..."

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    I used to lease a property that was connect to Hoosier national. I absolutely loved hunting there as I spent more time on public than in my private lease.

    the big thing is to try and find a plot away from people. I used my 450 bushmaster hunting there instead of a slug BTW.

    it is beautiful country and you can find some great areas to hunt if you just walk a littleor find a small Public parcel. My recommendation is to find some
    Small plots of Hoosier national that connect to private land. It seems those areas are less crowded but held better density of deer. Just my two cents as we were always successful theee but a 130” to 140” deer there is great so do t expect to wait for a huge Boone and Crocker although they do happen
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