Home Security System


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Dec 12, 2001
Booger Hollar
Well .... if that's how you're gonna' be .... I'm scratching your place off my list!! ;)

Its sad lol even after all that they still broke in once but the alarm ran them off after grabbing a TV. That's why I added the dogs. None of this is foolproof but will at least keep the typical Meth/Heroin head deadbeat at bay.
Security Force out of Virginia installed mine and it's monitored by Guardian. Few weeks ago, I didn't get the back door closed good as I left. Guess it drifted open after I was in the car, it must have drifted as I didn't hear the inside alarm scream. Got up the road and Guardian called and said they had an entry and the authorities had been called. We told them we just left and what likely happened so I gave them the password and they cancelled. I returned back quickly and armed, I approached the house. I was correct, back door. After clearing everything, all was good. I make sure I pull it closed good now. I also like the key chain remotes to activate from outside.


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Nov 8, 2007
I've got a barking Dog (Boxer) that can annoy with the best of them with a bad attitude to anyone that we don't know. I think that will do the trick for most cases but my wife wants the feel good system in place. I have my work cut to get the right camera with such a long driveway. Are your cameras wireless or wired and how do you power them?


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Oct 27, 2014
Lakeland, FL
but my wife wants the feel good system in place.

This is why I have ADT along with the big insurance discount here in FL for the monitored alarm system. I also have a noisy dog and she has run the pool guy into the back of his truck a few times when I didn't realize he was there. Now he calls my cell everytime he shows up, which I like also. Someone mentioned the false wall thing. I am a big advocate of them and the hidden wall safes. I'm not going to post on the internet what I use or where they are, but it would take to time and determination to find my onsite valuables.


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Aug 23, 2011
Long time no posts. I thought I would stop back to you folks for your opinions.
We are under contract for purchasing a home and farm (woohooo). It's far off the road and we both work full time jobs so the home will be empty for at least 10 hour a day. With that said other than your firearms...

What Security system do you have and why do you like or dislike them?

Thanks for your opinion and I hope you all are doing great!

A security system is only as good as the response time to a breach..... Any is better than none, but regardless of the system, if it takes 30 minutes for a response, they can clean you out.