Holiday weekend cook thread


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Sep 26, 2007
Butler Co.
Cooked a few wings Saturday night. MIL was there to "assist" with grilling. She kept telling me to cook the. Longer and longer and longer. They acted like they were good, but mine were burnt to a crisp. Oh well. I married her daughter so I guess that's my problem.


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Feb 14, 2009
Follow the yellow brick road
Powers to be please make this a sticky on the forum... As we all now will always live CL's dreams though our smokers and grills...... I hope he is as happy as he has helped me be happy. CL HELPED in our 1st BBQ award he helped tweak over the phone after a comp I gave him samples. He gave me his homemade pickles. Next year we had 2nd place brisket in a major KCBS event to us competing against the best in the nation..... I will miss you and we will smoke again one day.....