Hillary: "We Are Going To Put A Lot Of Coal Miners and Coal Companies Out Of Business

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  1. bluesteel

    bluesteel 6 pointer

    Aug 11, 2013
    Was it Bernie or Hillary that said, "Why do we need coal jobs, when we have welfare?"
  2. Xi Bowhunter

    Xi Bowhunter 12 pointer

    Nov 17, 2002
    Goetz Farm
    Hey I'm all for natural gas. It is a good source of fuel. I don't, however, think it is the end-all to our problems, and I sure don't think regulating coal out of existence is our best option right now.

    Keep refining the science and technology behind natural gas, and keep the coal as well. We can never have too much fuel the way I see it.
  3. ptbrauch

    ptbrauch 12 pointer

    Nov 10, 2004
    The OC
    Because of EPA mandates.
  4. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    Partly but other factors come into play. The easy to mine high grade coal is near gone in Kentucky, it cost more to mine than before therefor much more per ton. NG is cheaper overall and cost less to get out of the ground and to power plants thru pipelines rather than by truck, rail or water. The older coal fired power plants are in bad need of upgrades top to bottom also. That's why TVA has shut down 2 of 3 coal fired units here in my county. Cheaper to build a NG fired plant than rebuild the old coal fired ones. They are building two large NG units now with more on the way I understand. Even the one remaining unit here imports coal from out west via water and rail. Cleaner coal they say. Used to be truck after truck unloading 24/7 there along with some rail and water in the mix. They also just shut down another smaller outdated coal fired plant on the north end of the county so now 3 of 4 are gone.
  5. reivertom

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    Dec 17, 2007
    Greenup Co.
    Mind controlled zombies will do what they're told.
  6. ptbrauch

    ptbrauch 12 pointer

    Nov 10, 2004
    The OC
    LG&E starts shutting down Cane Run power plant
    James Bruggers, @jbruggers 6:28 p.m. EDT March 30, 2015

    LG&E plans to shut down one of its three remaining coal-fired units at the Cane Run power plant Tuesday, capping 46 years of cranking out electricity and emissions from the 272-megawatt burner.

    The other two are to be replaced later this spring as the electric utility fires up a state-of-the art 640-megawatt natural gas unit, company officials said Monday afternoon.

    ?Unit 6 has had a long, distinguished career as a critical component of LG&E and KU?s generation fleet,? said Dave Tummonds, LG&E and KU general manager of Cane Run and Combustion Turbines.

    Unit 6 was visited in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, who came to see its pioneering sulfur dioxide scrubbers.

    The other two coal burners will be turned off as soon as the natural gas unit is commercially available. They have previously said that would likely occur in May.

    The conversion of Cane Run from coal to natural gas helps the company meet tougher EPA air quality rules. And Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District spokesman Tom Nord said the conversion should help the city comply with federal smog rules.

    ?There are huge air quality benefits from natural gas,? Nord said. ?The whole community will benefit.?

    As natural gas prices have fallen, and air quality regulations of tightened, coal has had a harder time competing.

    The company?s announcement was on the same day a rate increase proposal was scheduled for a public hearing in Louisville. LG&E has said its new construction, including the $563 million natural gas unit at Cane Run, is one reason for a rate boost.

    LG&E estimates that the average monthly bill for residential customers would rise by $2.75 to $104.60, an increase of about 2.7 percent from the current average of $101.85, according to the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

    Reach reporter James Bruggers at (502) 582-4645 or on Twitter @jbruggers.
  7. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    The third unit shut down here was a KU plant. Has been there as long as I can remember. No plans I know of to convert it to NG.
  8. Tom Threetoes

    Tom Threetoes 10 pointer

    Oct 4, 2002
    southern Indiana.
    I'm a 46 year member of the UMWA and I would never vote for Hillary. Neither would I vote for anyone just because someone told me to.
  9. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    Mind controlled zombies will say what they're told to say, that being all Unions are bad along with any member past or present.

    That's a problem those anti Union members they want to lump every Union member in the same bucket but are clueless because some politician told them so on Fox News so it has to be true.
  10. bluesteel

    bluesteel 6 pointer

    Aug 11, 2013
    Hillary laughs at the mind numbed union members that do anything to support her. She can't wait to wipe her feet on their bloody backs when they are lying dead around her. Hillary loathes the common person much the same as her husband loathed the military (he said it). The common person that votes for her is blind to their own ignorance.
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  11. kymailman98

    kymailman98 10 pointer

    Dec 20, 2009
    Christian County

    Well said, but try telling that to the Hillary voters.
  12. smashdn

    smashdn 12 pointer

    Nov 24, 2003
    Palmyra, Kentucky
    The point isn't that the Union members vote one way or the other Duster, it is that the Union publicly endorses candidates and a party that is inherently against it's members' best interests whether that is gun control or killing off coal.
  13. ptbrauch

    ptbrauch 12 pointer

    Nov 10, 2004
    The OC
  14. BigPete

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    Sep 7, 2007
    Whitesburg, KY
    The UMWA sure was looking out for its members in 2008...... SMH.........

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  15. bluesteel

    bluesteel 6 pointer

    Aug 11, 2013

    LOL! Funny stuff. They just never learn. Always looking for a shepherd.

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