High blood pressure


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Dec 25, 2011
Over the Hill
I was diagnosed when I turned 40 and it seems it has just continued to go up. It seems to be a genetic issue as my brothers and sisters have it.

Medication, or at least reasonable medication doesn’t do anything for it. Diet has absolutely zero effect, exercise is somewhat effective but this time of year I’m less active than normal.

I have a treadmill but I hate walking on it. Any home remedies?
I was diagnosed with high bp when I was around 40, diet and exercise helped some but as I progressed up the management ladder my bp increased. The last two years I worked it was running 170/110 with strong medication, two weeks after I retired it was down to 120/80. It still runs around 120/80 with very little medication. Stress was causing mine and my job was killing me so you may need to manage your stress or change jobs.

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
Break fast high noon.

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Feb 8, 2007
Hopkins Co.
I’m 66, with b/p just high enough to be prescribed 5 mg lisinipril, which I hate taking. Walking, bicycling help mine, as well as diet, I lean more toward plant based. Beet juice every morning works well. Walmart carries Force Factor which is half the price of SuperBeets.


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Nov 23, 2019
Guarding my lovely bluebirds
sitting here drinking a cup of coffee with a little bit of honey in it I put the cuff on, 116/76 45 beats/minute.


False reading, goonhead.

Meanwhile, a thirty-one year old white male (caregiver to his mother and serious gamer...) drank twenty-four Mountain Dew in short order a couple of days ago and awakened with swollen legs, no other symptoms. Doctor put him on lasik yesterday, just just like his mother...

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
As if it is my fault that you did something ignorant, and then chose to tap about it. I might finally get out of bed and make myself some decaf, for it all, though. No need to take my BP (it and my body temp are typically low, simply because I am petite).

Well, forgive me for putting honey in my coffee.

Get out of bed at 1pm +, you are ill.



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Jun 28, 2012
My BP had been good (knock on wood) but I do take a low dose cholesterol pill. Also bounce around the diabetic cut off so I take a metformin pull as well.


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Nov 22, 2020
Caneyville, Ky
@bgkyarcher What did you do to lose weight? I was prescribed weight loss meds because I have hypothyroidism and it makes it harder to lose weight. I lost 20lbs and had to stop taking it due to its side effects and now I’m stalled out.