Hey wv67...what's your thoughts on this? WV Invites Virginia 2A Counties to Join The Mountain State

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EC, Jan 15, 2020.

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    West Virginia Invites Virginia 2A Counties to Join The Mountain State

    The plot thickens with the 2A battle in Virginia.

    West Virginia is now early in the process of inviting Virginia’s counties to secede and be annexed to West Virginia.

    WSET reports that the first official invitation has been delivered to Frederick County, VA.

    The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution by voice vote Monday to remind residents of Frederick County, Virginia, that the county has a standing invite — from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia. It now goes to the House of Delegates.

    More at link: https://www.dcclothesline.com/2020/...ginia-2a-counties-to-join-the-mountain-state/
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    I'd like to see some of the other counties try to secede to WV, KY, and TN. Now that would send a message and possibly ignite the powder keg.
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    I’m all for it the more we stick together the stronger we are
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