Here’s your “conservative” supermajority at work in Frankfort


12 pointer
Jul 21, 2009
At the workbench, Kentucky
Every day I wake up feeling a little more and more like our country has been forsaken.

The phrase that rings in my mind is "sold out". He probably doesn't remember it but Ol' @barney once said something along the lines of

"It seems like everybody is owned anymore"

That gets right to it imo. I see it at gooberment etc...No-one is gonna risk their salary or bribe to do anything that is a fix. They're empty suits and pieces of shit.
Finally admitting that you woke.

Huh? There is nothing “woke” about feeling the Lord has forsaken us and that’s how I feel.



6 pointer
Jul 30, 2022
Marshall County
Not saying there are no states worse. This one is just full of Hippocrates, Liars, and chicken shits.
This State isn't near as bad as others. Just sayin' you might want to count your blessings here....

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