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  1. Can't think of a better place to watch the end of the world role in!
    And yes, she is a psycho!!! I feel bad for my grown kids who still live there.
  2. Thank you!
    We lived in Ypsi for a year on Ford Lake.
    I worked at a hospital in downtown Detroit for about a decade...that city is a hole! Bet your glad you got out of there.
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    Pretty area for sure. D211F3FE-0C86-426B-83D6-BDD7B6517B22.jpeg 8E97B971-6A34-4971-8C8D-383A713F085E.jpeg 9E8E5B96-AAEF-4BEB-AE95-07BF28B64F29.jpeg 667BDDDA-02BC-4171-B817-29694DE65A76.jpeg 066B7F6C-3F49-4FA7-9A51-9BCB0346427C.jpeg

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    Jul 3, 2015
    Battle Run
  6. Thanks!
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    Jun 27, 2019
    Lewis county, KY
    Welcome to us, this will be my second season also in ky, grew up in Michigan, Ann Arbor township. I attended the U but graduated from MSU. Now I'm a bit north of dbnf. The little isolated community where I am now located has been honestly welcoming and friendly toward me coming in as an outsider.

    Carl, Betsie is a good spot.

  8. Oh man, how does that work out...attending both schools?! I've heard of a house divided, but you're taking it to a new level!
    I was born at University Hospital, so the blue flows from me since birth (I'm pretty sure the doc slapped my butt and shouted "GO BLUE", lol! So naturally I hate Sparty NEARLY as much as Suckeyes and leprechauns:pGrew up in Monroe. BIG difference from the marshes of SE Michigan to the hills of Kentucky!
    And yes, the people here have been very friendly and welcoming, this is a great state.
    Thanks for the welcome.

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