Great way to wrap up youth season, Michaela and Potroast both score


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Sep 25, 2002
Savoring the smoke
Pretty good evening. Went to a farm about 20 minutes from the house with Potroast. Around 5:30 a button buck walked out. He immediately got into position and reached for the safety. I told him it was pretty small and pretty early, don't you want to wait a bit? Nope. Wait just a minute, I said again. About that time the big doe walked out. His attention switched immediately. Boom, down she went. The button hung around and I had to convince him not to shoot it too. We loaded her up and headed back to the house. We had been home about 20 minutes when a single shot rang out from the back ridge. A text from Cheryl confirmed that Michaela had a doe down as well. Three for three for the weekend and a big chunk of meat for the freezer


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Jan 12, 2009
Yay for all the Pentail family kids!!!! And congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Pentail for raising some awesome kids who are pretty darned photogenic too!

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