Great Sunday!


12 pointer
Dec 11, 2003
Irvington, KY
After a terrible opening morning that was windy, rainy, cold and pretty short for me I got back at them with my uncle this morning. We set up in a wheat field the birds had been using a lot with a hen decoy and B-Mobile. We first spotted them about 7:30 after I had made several unanswered calls. There was a Tom with 7 or 8 hens. He was completely unresponsive all morning. We watched him in the field behind us for the better part of 3 hours. But my calls to had two Toms on top of the hill in the woods hammering pretty hard. Once I got them coming and starting down the hill, he made a B-line towards them and ran them off. We quickly switched positions around the corner (left decoys behind) and within a few short minutes I gave a few clucks and soft purrs and we watched 4 hens pass through within 5 yards. I knew that the Tom would be following them down the fence row and sure enough he did. My uncle killed him at about 7 or 8 yards. It's only his 3rd turkey and he sure was excited about it. First turkey I've ever called in for someone else and it felt good. :) He weighed 22lbs, 9" beard and 1 1/4 spurs.

Well after I took him back to the house and dropped him off and grabbed some lunch it was about 1pm. I headed back out and set up on top of the hill that I heard the 2 birds gobbling on that morning. It started out slow and I didn't see or hear anything until about 4:30 and didn't call much. Just mostly waiting until something came up. About 4:30 a lone hen made her way up the hill and laid down in the middle of the wheat field. Believe it or not she laid there for about an hour and half. I thought she had slipped away but I realized she hadn't later on. At about 10 til 6 a Tom started gobbling in the woods across from the overgrown fence row that I was set up in. I started to call to him and he'd answer to it. Sometimes I would ignore him and sometimes I would call back. After about 15 minutes he shut up. I soon saw him pop out about 200 yards away in a grassy field beside the woods and behind the wheat field in full strut. He strutted and gobbled for a few minutes and then I called to him and that got his attention. He broke strut and must have spotted my decoys because he started making his way towards me. About that time, the hen from earlier stands up in the wheat field and starts making her way into the woods. He closes the distance to about 125 yards and she starts yelping once she gets in the woods. Another hen joins her. He stops and starts strutting again. So I started calling pretty aggressively to try and compete with them because he looked just as confused as to what to do as I was. We're calling back and forth and he is strutting and gobbling. That's when I notice three more Toms have made their way out of the woods to my left and are now walking up the overgrown fence row towards me. I decide that the bird across the field is too risky (though he might be the double bearder we've been seeing) and when they get behind some growth I swing to my left and kill this one at about 7 or 8 yards. 19lbs, 9" beard, 1" spurs.

Great days hunt. LOTS of action and more than made up for the opener. Hope everyone has as good a day as me.

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