Governor said bye bye Non residents

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Shelby21, Mar 30, 2020.

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    Apr 27, 2005
    Looks like the KDFW has answered the question:
    Non-Resident Spring Turkey Permit Sales Suspended

    Effective immediately, standard nonresident spring turkey permits for 2020 will no longer be sold in order to confirm to Gov. Andy Beshear’s executive order and current CDC guidelines to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Only non-resident hunters who have already purchased 2020 spring turkey permits, and can comply with the Governor’s Executive Order No. 2020-266 should consider hunting in Kentucky during the spring season. The order requires all non-residents who travel to Kentucky to self-quarantine immediately for 14 days upon arrival.
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    Welp that about does it. I hate it came to this but it’s the rt thing I guess.
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    Feb 18, 2014
    Wow, at least they made a decision and everyone can decide their plans.
  4. Duckwisperer

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    Jan 11, 2020
    I had already purchased my non resident... I talked to Game and Fish in KY today along w sending an email they are issuing refunds.... Ill be a resident there this time time year..
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    I know some guys in WV gonna be mighty disappointed(along with myself) but I tried to prepare them for it. We have a blast chasing birds but looks like its gonna have to wait. Our population needs to build a bit too...
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    Yesterday I jokingly told my boys that they bought the last two NR turkey permits available. Their purchase was made around 5:30 yesterday afternoon.
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    At least they made it clear.
  8. Chief10Point

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    I am a NR hunter who owns land and a home in KY. I have been working and “living” in KY seasonally for over 25 years. Those who are savvy about the definition of a non resident by law, you know that your residence is where you file income tax, not your drivers license or place where you spend the most time. I have been paying for NR hunting licenses the entire time. I am ethical. I also just spoke to KDFW and our district commissioner about this recent decision from Gov. Beshear. It is correct that if traveling into KY at this time, one must self quarantine for 14 days. This is understandable. What I do not agree with is his decision to blanket all NR spring turkey hunters that have not yet bought their tag as now unable to purchase their tag, therefore making it illegal to hunt spring turkey. This is also a blow financially to self funded KDFW. As I said, I own my own land, hunt alone, pay my taxes and NR fees, and am being denied my rights to enjoy the outdoors as I so please. By hunting, I am not endangering anyone with the virus, even if I carried it, nor are NR coming from other states. Remember CoVid19 is already in KY, therefore a resident hunter has as much chance of spreading/ getting it as a NR or oos Hunter. It makes way more sense to close down the public WMA’s. I plan to be at my property anyway, clearing trails, preparing food plots, and doing projects. What’s the difference if I hunt a turkey while I’m there.. none. This decision was made quickly, and not thought out thoroughly.
    Shame on Beshear and KY politics. I hope this sheds light on the topic. P.s. - I’m purchasing my license and DEER Tag NOW.
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    Very well written & respectful post to relay your opinion.

    But its been said several times in this thread and understandably disappointing in your situation..... but the governors decision on quarantining NR’s coming into Ky was not based on hunting, fishing or recreation in general. It’s just a case that those things ...specifically spring turkey season ...are collateral damage relating to it.

    Which in reality ...within your post stating Covid 19 is already works both ways. We don’t want a NR taking it back to their home state & family no more than a NR bringing it into Ky to us & our families. It’s about doing things to stop the spread....period ..not just inside Kentucky but really on a national level. In turn to those of us listening to the briefings .... this wasn’t really a quick decision. Fact is I’m surprised I took as long as it did just seeing states on the news that already implemented it.

    Also add I’m not on a Beshear band wagon and like most when changes began .... I didn’t take this virus too seriously as probably I should have. But my opinion changed as this has evolved and believe his decisions were the right thing to do.
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    Politicians get criticized no matter what they do. If he hadn't done it there would be just as many complaining he didn't take this serious enough. Given the uncertainty and limited knowledge of the virus when it first started spreading, what should or shouldn't be done was not clear. Personally I feel like we will just have to deal with a few bad decision knowing that they have the best intentions in mind.
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    I agree 120plus. Fact is none of us should be hunting. Its not essentual to sustain life. 2 wild butterball turkeys aint gonna feed a family long. Considering most just cut the breast out of them anyway. So for 4 peices of breast meat if your lucky and tag out we risk infection to our whole family. Sure the risk may seem low. But the risk of out of staters hunting an infecting others is low too. But we cant take any chances here. Im begging the governor right now to shut all hunting down till this is all gone. For residents and non residents. We dont need to be out deer hunting this fall either. Cause who knows if we do beat it this time whos to say it wont come back this fall. we cant have folks out deer hunting with guns and rifles. Are you kidding me? Only people who should have gun and rifles anyway is the military. I understand the population may get out of control. Thats even more reason our military needs all the guns so they can control it for us. Plus with this new corona virus we dont need to be eating wild game as they maybe infected too. Its not worth the risk. We should also shut fishing down. Boat ramps are high traffic areas. An people can social distance correctly on a bass boat. What if joe bob hooks a lunker and needs his cousin billy to net it for him? Thats just to risky. I pray he just shuts it all down. We are all americand and we all deserve the same. So hopefully kentucky will set the tone for the rest of the nation. Hunters dont need in the woods with each other. An we should just close the doors on all churches untill the virus and the flu is completly gone. If it takes years so be it. We gotta do it. Some people have to keep working though as the government has to still get paid. So lets please keep our big box stores open so there familys dont go broke. They have big money election campains to run that aint cheap. Hunting was fun while it lasted. An has proved to be unsafe over and over and over again. You may not understand now but someday you will. So put them calls up and please turn your guns over to the local law enforcement. Because new flash ol buddy your no better then the out of stater.
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    No all jokes aside. Maybe they get critized because they all are lying an evil people. Maybe ol Andy just dont like hunting since he is a democrat and intends to use this to comfort his agenda. Maybe the whitehouse knows alot more then there telling us. Maybe the president should have went an played golf last weekend when the nation seen its deadliest time in decades the week before and after. Maybe this was all planned. Maybe this is just the start of the end. Maybe they should have stopped this crap from coming into the USA in the first place instead of askin us to stop something they couldnt. Maybe they would do better if the were jobless an lost loved ones as many in new york an our nation has. Maybe they dont give two craps about you or me. Maybe they just care there big paychecks and politics.
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    Jan 11, 2020
  14. Duckwisperer

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    Jan 11, 2020
    please tell me your kidding.....

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