Got my mustang painted

Ky mustang

Oct 13, 2004
west Ky
This is my other expensive hobby. I had Jim Defew paint my mustang and thought I would share some pics of it. It is so slick its about like looking in a mirror . Look at the reflections off it in some of the photos.




Ky mustang

Oct 13, 2004
west Ky
thanks guys,

It has a 562 cubic inch big block ford , designed by Lem Evans of Owensboro Ky. The heads were ported by Charlie Evans and Laws Mayfield of Owensboro Ky. Machine Work was done by Jet boat Bob Hardison of Island Ky and Engine was assembled there by all of us except Laws.

It is the standing world record naturally aspirated conventional headed bbf to date. It made 951 hp and runs low's 5's in the 1/8 mile . I run it with the dixie door slammers and bracket race some also. Here are some video's. It broke the wheelie bar bracket's last fall and just about ended up on the lid but some how stayed right side up lol.



Randy, you couldn't have picked a better place to get the paint done. BTW, Jim happens to be married to my Mother's youngest sister.

It looks super fast just sitting there. Excellent choice on colors and pattern.


12 pointer
Sep 23, 2009
Laurel County
Man I bet that was a wild ride when the brackets broke. I seen a guy break an axle once and his car did the same thing. Back when my father and I raced, we threw some ring gear teeth through a 9" housing one night. Left the line at 4600rpm, 250 shot of NOS came in at 4800rpm and the car just about put the back bumber on the ground. That was on a 383cid stroker. With the 250 shot, the car would run down in the mid 5.20's. It was a 1979 Malibu that weighed roughly 2450lbs with either him or me in the drivers seat. We put together a 421cid and got rid of the NOS, which allowed the car to run low 5.60's consistenly and we left it at that...
Nov 25, 2009
Looks like an awesome paint job.I like the color combo and scheme.I'm very picky when it come to my paint jobs.The only thing that I see is that they could have done a little better job blending the paint inside the flames.I'm a flammer also,lol.Nice car.

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