Got my deer of a lifetime! Marshall county whopper!


8 pointer
Oct 31, 2005
Marshall County, Kentucky
I have been getting pics of this deer for the last couple of years. I was a little late getting my camera out this year, but when I finally did, I couldn't believe how much he had grown. It actually took me a little while to realize it was the same deer. I saw him and his running buddy once bow hunting in late September, but they came out right at dark and never came closer than 100 yards. I never had a single daylight picture of him. The farmer cut the beans on the property I hunt about a month ago and these two deer disappeared. Actually, deer sightings period went to nearly nothing. For the last month, I've only been getting pics of a few does and a couple of small bucks. Then, two weeks ago, I found out a guy about a mile from where I hunt was getting pics of him. So I really thought I had missed my chance at this deer. I hunted a total of about 18 hours opening weekend and only saw 3 deer, so needless to say, I was getting pretty bummed out. Well I caught a break yesterday when my boss told me I could leave a little early if I was planning on hunting. I had all my gear with me so I made a mad dash to the blind.Where I'm set up for gun hunting, I can access the blind pretty quick and easy. I've actually even slipped into the blind with deer already in the field in years past. Well, I got settled in about 10 after four and was really expecting another dry run but it was just too good a day not to give it a shot, with the dropping temps and light rain. Then at about 4:45 I saw a deer about 200 yards out walking straight towards me. I put the scope on him and knew instantly it was him! When he turned broadside at about 100 yards and started towards my bow stand, the nerves really kicked in. I nearly lost it! I finally settled the crosshairs and dropped him in his tracks. It wasn't until a couple hours later, when I got him to my buddy's barn, that I realized just how big he was. One of my neighbors came down and put a tape to him (3 times actually lol) and came up with 203 1/2 gross with a 163 typical 8 pnt frame and 22 scorable points. This is the deer I've hunted 30 years for and I couldn't be happier.



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May 14, 2013
NW Indiana
What a magnificent trophy! Nice shooting. My legs would have been shaking like a coon dog passing a peach pit ..................

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