Got limited space and want to grow a garden ?


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
Hey question for you experts. My garden is 30'x30' and I was hoping to till in some horse manure. I meant to do this in the fall, but time got away from me. If and when it thaws, would it be too late to do this year before planting?

Dubya Gee

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Apr 10, 2012
Snow, KY
Nothing easier than an empty mineral tub for small gardening. Just about anything can be grown in them and most farmers will give them away just to get rid of them.

Rodeo man

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Aug 31, 2011
Google barrel gardens. One 55 gallon drum can replace 25 feet of garden rows.

Horse manure, is a poor fertilizer. It won't burn vegetables. Upside is, it normally doesn't contain the weed seeds of cow manure. Chicken manure is the way to go. Slow release on nitrogen, and has calcium. Often eliminates the need for lime.

Bought any ag business will give you a free soil test. You may not need as much fertilizer as you think.


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Feb 21, 2007
We plant under plastic using a drip irrigation system. Half the nitrogen is applied before laying the plastic then the rest is applied thru the irrigation system. Not a space saving system but definitely a nutrient saving system plus no weeding tilling or hoeing. Big time saver.


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Oct 27, 2008
Boone County
They're great.......until your neighbor doesn't do anything with them after the first frost. Then you have a rotting pile of straw that the wind blows into your yard.