Got it up.


12 pointer
Dec 13, 2016
Stand is up, and done, Nicest i ever had, or ever will. Thank God for good friends, Ladder is easy to get up with hand rails, i put shingles, on the steps, figured the would be really, slick with a frost, its 10 ft, same place i been hunting last several years. Just took, the old one down, and put this one up. I dont think, i could have gotten in my old one this year. I could literally drive, to the steps, thru a cedar thicket, i wont do that, but will get pretty close. Right foot not doin good, and dr talks like he is gonna have to take some more bone out, but he said if it didnt get seriously, infected, it could wait a few weeks. Bottom of stand, is just above the board, you can see at the top. To say im proud to have this, is a understatement. But if i csn get to it. It will be really good ad far ad a stand goes. The cat is a stray, that apparently, jumped in when i had the camper back glass raised and when i opened it bailed out. ,


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