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    Found this on another forum. Just thought id post it here for anyone interested in learning more about uv.

    I've used ATSKO's UV Killer and other products for 20 years and have been on their Pro-Staff for going on 10.

    Here's an artice I wrote for them last spring.
    Remember, once UV Killer is applied, it will last the life of the garment ( it's a permanant bond ) and no other treatment is needed unless you wash your cloths in a soap with brighteners and re-apply them over the UV Killer. Then, you'll need to start all over again.

    There are no detergents that will " wash " out brighteners. The only product that will kill the UV glow is UV Killer applied over the brighteners in the cloth.
    UV Killer absorbs the UV light vs reflecting it back.

    If your cloths are glowing, camo pattern is irrelevent. The problem is not with the pattern, it's with the cloth that it's printed on. As was previously stated, the majority of camo is made in China in bulk on one big piece of material with the camo then printed onto it.


    I hunt old school.
    To me, reading the woods like I would a steelhead stream, cutting a track, figuring out the animal and appying what I learn to ultimatly outsmart him is what the game is all about, and hunting a mature whitetail is a game of chess.
    No matter how a guy hunts, or what his querry is, the single most important thing is consistanly, consistantly being the key word here, becomming as invisible in the woods as is humanly possible. You'll never bee 100%, but you can come close.

    Fooling a deer eyes, as well as his nose is not an easy thing to do. After 32 years of chasing whitetails, trust me, I've tried just about everything on the market. I take my hunting seriously, and will go that extra mile to give me that added edge when the moment of truth comes. I've made a million mistakes and learned a million lessons. What seperates the casual hunter from somebody like me is that they take absolutely nothing for granted. Playing the wind is always good advise, BUT, I've seen a hard North wind change on a dime. It happens constantly. The eyes of a whitetail are sharp and their hearing is unmatched.
    They know their ground as well as you or I know our own living rooms.

    The 1 square mile section of private farm ground I hunt here in central Michigan I share with at least 8 other guys, yet I've managed to kill many record book bucks on this heavily hunted ground, consistantly. ( There's that word again. )

    How you ask ?

    I become as invisible to their senses as I possibly can.

    Now, I'm not what you'd call an " expert " , I doubt that anyone really is. But, after 32+ years chasing whitetails I've learned enough to be dangerous.
    I guide for Deer and Turkey, give seminars thruout the country on hunting and calling as well as working numerous hunting shows.
    Basically, I'm just an average joe with a " job " I love and a passion for hunting. Like the majority if us, I work paycheck to paycheck and know the value of a dollar, a dollar that I can't afford to throw away on gimmicks.
    My bow is 14 years old and I still shoot fingers. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Ok, now, nothing is going to replace good woodsmanship skills and knowing the animal intimatly that your hunting, that's a given. These skills come with experience. Being out there and learning from your mistakes is the best teacher when it comes to this.
    But, there are a few things you can do to tip the odds GREATLY in your favor. I started out using "scent free " body soaps, sprays etc.........problem was , I could smell them. If I can smell'em, than it stands to reason that so could the deer.

    They did.

    I stumbled on UV Killer years ago, read the scientific data provided and tried the stuff out. I immediatly noticed the difference in my outdoor experiences. Birds were literally landing on my bow, squirrels were playing and chasing within feet of me, but most importantly, the deer were oblivious to my presence. MAJOR discovery here.

    I learned that ATSKO also made Sno-Seal, which has been around forever, so, in my mind, the credibility was there and I decided to see what else they had to offer. What I found was a turn key package to becomming invisible, and it forever changed the way I hunted.

    What follows is my " recipe " for becomming invisible to game animals.

    1) I'll wash my under cloths, socks, TOWELS, everything that isn't seen first in sports wash to clean the cloths, kill the odors and rinse out the machine of any left over UV residue or scent from previous washings.

    2) Wash my regular hunting cloths.

    3) Check my hunting cloths with a UV light to make sure that they are not UV Hot, if they glow under the light, I'll apply UV KIller to take care of that problem. A buck can spot a UV hot hunter a 1/2 mile away. He'll be heading right to you, spot the glow from your cloths and be gone without you ever knowing he was there. Game over.
    With UV hot clothing you will see little deer all day long, they don't know any better and wind up dead.
    The big ones didn't get that way by being stupid and they learn fast.

    4) My cloths are stored in a plastic tub with a top. I'll put about 2 tablespoons of N-O-Dor ll Odor Control Powder in the tub and shake it while it's empty to disperse evenly. This will suck up any odors that I may have picked up during the day. I only need to do this maybe twice a season. I hunt almost everyday, so the week-end hunter may only need to do this once.
    A little goes along way with this stuff.

    5) I'll take a shower before I go out with Sport-Wash Hair and Body Soap. This compliments the N-O-ODOR OXIDIZER spray and is as as close to being " zipped up in a baggie " as I like to compare it to, as you can get. Washing in this covers your entire body, killing odor causing bactieria at it's source. Drying off with the towel you washed with your underwear will ensure no perfumey odor from a regular wash being picked up.
    I'm a big guy. 6' 3" weighing in at 280. I sweat, alot. Especially heading out to my stands, or setting a new one. As I sweat, the odor is neutralized, making the odds of my getting busted well below what it would normally be.
    It works all day too.
    I know alot of guys don't want to hassle with all of this, but, just trust me here, when your at full draw and the buck of a lifetime is standing 20' away with no idea he's about to go to the promised land, you'll be soooooo glad you did.

    6) Ok, so we have the eyes and nose covered as far as hunting cloths/body are concerned.
    Now, just before I head out to the woods, I'll spray the sweat areas, head, arm pits, crotch, etc.....with N-O-DOR Oxidizer.
    N-O-DOR is one of the most important things in my invisibility recipe. I carry one in my boot, one in my bowcase and two in my truck. I NEVER hunt without it.
    This stuff doesn't cover odors, it destroys the bactieria that causes ordors and keeps destroying them all day, instantly.
    Don't take my word for it, spray some on the inside of your favorite hat, the one you wear everyday. After 5 seconds or so, that arid , sweaty smell will disappear. That's the big test I used and was sold on the spot.
    I will also spray my boots and ladder rungs or tree steps as well. I hunt from a 12" ladderstand and have had deer within inches of my ladder without winding me. One in particular was so close I could actually hear him breathing as he chomped on a ear of corn directly underneath me, I had to look between my legs to see him. That's close.

    7) Never take anything for granted. Always check new cloths for UV as well as any hunting pop-up blinds and decoys you use.
    I've had to UV Kill 4 out of the 5 hunting tents I use as well as my Turkey dekes. Use your UV light to check your bow and treestands too. Sometimes the paint will be UV hot.

    Nothing will ever make you totally invisible to game, and my 1st order of business is to never introduce anything into the woods that wasn't already there to begin with.

    Find your animal, learn his habits and go in invisible.
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    Hey, the sportwash works and the combo pack costs less per ounce than anything else, so why not?

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