Good price on deerstand


10 pointer
Aug 7, 2012
My friend that owns my Hart county farm with me has 2 of these and I sat in one in this morning’s hunt. I’m typically not a ladder stand fan but this one may have converted me. Very comfortable.


8 pointer
Sep 29, 2015
The Berg
Love the stand probably most comfy one i own but i hate assembling the damn thing
Separate and label hardware so that when the directions say "bolt A" you can go right to it, and most importantly, put it together loose and tighten everything at the end. A cordless impact is your friend.


12 pointer
Aug 5, 2015
350 pound weight limit is good.
I want one but will have to wait for better days to afford that luxury.
Nov 16, 2020
I picked up one of these last year at Menards, paid about $135 then. Killed a nice doe out of it last year. Solidly built, holds onto tree well. Pretty comfortable, and lots of room for a single hunter. You COULD get 2 in it, but it would be pretty tight. My SiL and daughter might sit in it together this year, he is only 190 lbs and she is 100 lbs soaking wet. Should be plenty of room for them.

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