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Jan 7, 2002
Ledbetter, Ky.
And there you have it…. The go to answer every lib has for every problem they create….CORPORATE GREED !!

No, it couldn’t be the policies from the radical left (today’s democrat party) that has the economy in the dumps. It couldn’t be they want higher prices to slow the American consumer down to stop climate change. They tell you Americans are greedy and use too much gas, air conditioning, red meat….They want America to be a third world country and they are doing it in break neck speed.
Didn't you know that Socialism brings EVERYBODY DOWN to make everybody equal??? That's how it's worked all though out history. The Middle Class all become the same as the poor. The rich are the rulers and their supporters.


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Jul 25, 2007
Didn't say I don't give a crap about an illegal election, but I do realize it doesn't do any good to complain. Has anything changed? Did anyone give credence to the illegal ballots?
Biden is president. Has been for over a year. It's time to figure out how to change that. Trump's actions has done nothing but lose votes for the next one. He is done. Realize it.
We need to win the 22 elections and find someone who can win in 2024. Trump isn't it. He's an ass plain and simple. He could win over then entire conservative side but he's ego won't allow it. He's too much of a narcissist prick. Never gives credit to others, takes credit on stuff that wasn't his, and blames anyone else for negative stuff.
We have to "complain" and continue to do so holding those that will not doing anything about it accountable at the election table.
If we let this go it will continue to happen. The alternative to our complaining is not palatable to quite a bit of the folk out there!

I don't see Trump being restored just because there is proof of the fraud - I see the chances of future fraud being mitigated or at least directly addressed.


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Nov 16, 2006
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I just watched the 2000 mules movie, hard to dispute the video evidence. Read today there is an active investigation going on in Yuma, Arizona of a non-profit organization based upon evidence gathered by the movie researchers. Odd thing, while searching for this movie on Youtube, ran across several youtubers telling me not to watch it...


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
MSM Article on how Dominion voting machines can be hacked...imagine that, just in time for the mid-terms.

I've seen youtube reports of court proceedings running back to the early 2000's demonstrating how its done. Sworn testimony. Even a Fox News report and demonstration. So they've known how to do it.

Probably been scrubbed long ago.

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