good camping recipes?


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Jul 3, 2015
Battle Run
If you have a can cooker or decent size pot . Boil water over fire. Quart freezer ziploc bags make sure for freezer. Chop and prepare all ingredients for omelets. Everyone take a bag fill with what they like. Myself would break 3 eggs. onion, peppers, mushrooms, sharp cheddar and salt and big grind of black pepper. Seal bag good and squish egg's and contents to mix. Drop as many bags that will fit in boiling water, lid on.
6 minutes remove each bag with leathermans. When cool enough to handle open bag (I shoot it with hot sauce) and dig in. Fluffys omelets you can make


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Aug 23, 2011
Make sure y’all spray down with permethrin. Ticks and chiggers will eat you alive if you don’t. Few thermacells be good too.


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Jan 23, 2021
Allen county
Yessir! I need to get some thermacells! I already have over $200 worth of stuff I’m getting/already bought. Maybe I’ll tell one of the others to get thermacells since I’m buying their food and stuff lol!


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Jun 28, 2012
I’m not the gourmet cook some of the others are on here but camping, can’t go wrong with breakfast foods...anytime of day! Chili, temp outside don’t matter, keep a big pot warm on the fire. Baked potatoes are fun for kids. Wrap in foil and place outside of the fire then they can put on all of their own toppings. Anything you can put on a stick. S’mores has been discussed already. Hotdogs, brats, skewers, etc...

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Aug 20, 2007
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It think about a 2” thick pork chop over wood is amazing! And by all means don’t trim the fat. Some fried taters and soup beans in a cast iron pot is hard to beat.


Apr 24, 2022
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Yessir! And it doesn’t sound good but my grandma used to eat marshmallow cream on sandwich bread so that’s not much different.
I grew up eating sandwiches made of a mix of peanut butter mixed with marshmallow creme or maple syrup spread on bread with bologna and swiss cheese, it was a Sunday after church meal.

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