Going rate for deer and turkey leases per acre?

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    With lawyers waiting around every corner, many landowners feel that they have to lease to protect themselves. As an example, my relatives out in western Kansas own a fairly large wheat farm and years ago would let anybody hunt who would have the common decency to come to their house and ask permission first and so that they could tell the hunters where they didn't want them to hunt, like where their livestock was grazing, etc.

    But then ... one of their neighbors had a trespasser sneak onto their farm to hunt mule deer ... he climbed a tree, fell out, hurt himself enough to have go to a doctor and then .... he sued the landowner who he was trespassing on for negligence because they didn't have any "NO HUNTING" signs posted!

    I'm not sure of the details or even if he actually collected any money but it scared everybody enough that they all posted their farms and began denying anybody permission to hunt unless they knew them really well and even then, you have to sign a release that reads like loan agreement before they'll let you hunt and who can blame them.

    Now they're considering leasing the hunting rights to more or less eliminate all the problems and, of course, make a nice little pile of cash too.
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