Gloves or red hands


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Nov 16, 2006
Eastern Kentucky
Older neighbor buddy of mine picked up a blood infection skinning deer in a slaughter house a few years ago, ended up spending several days in the hospital over it. My hands stay cut up or scraped, started wearing rubber gloves after that.

James Scott White

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Oct 17, 2020
Rowan County
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A couple years ago my neighbor asked me to help track a buck his son hit. We found the buck after a difficult track job. After a little celebration he started to gut him. I was in disbelief, he pulled out 3 layers of gloves and put them on beforehand. It was difficult for me not to laugh out loud. I guess I'm old school and get bloody. What's everyone else do??
KYDFW this time last year said you need not only gloves, but also a mask to clean deer lol. I sent them a nice colorful email about that BS. No, I don’t wear gloves. Nor a mask lol.

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