Gloves or red hands


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Jun 28, 2012
Latex gloves, like the thicker 7-9 mm. Can get a box cheap at Harbor Freight. Not all fit me so I need big strong ones. Now if my dad or brother hunt with me I’ll make them do it and stay clean. 😜. Don’t worry, I’m the one who hauls, drags, and pulls it up for most everyone. I also bring all the coolers, water, etc…for the crew. So I don’t feel bad making them gut one. Don’t wear any processing and I actually enjoy cutting and grinding.


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Oct 11, 2015
A couple years ago my neighbor asked me to help track a buck his son hit. We found the buck after a difficult track job. After a little celebration he started to gut him. I was in disbelief, he pulled out 3 layers of gloves and put them on beforehand. It was difficult for me not to laugh out loud. I guess I'm old school and get bloody. What's everyone else do??
I see no reason to get my hands and arms covered in blood to prove I’m tough or impress people lol.


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Sep 9, 2018
Barren county
I do prefer gloves when cleaning squirrels because I think those guts smell terrible for some reason. I can clean them without I just prefer gloves. Deer guts do not bother me
I’m say way now. Used to I’d skin squirrels and rabbits no problem and no gloves but yes your right them guts smell diff on them than a deer. But I still will if no gloves available. I did last year. Deer blood and guts don’t bother me one bit. But 95% of time I got gloves. Just much easier. Cause I’m always wanting a beer or get my phone or touching this and that. Just how it is now. Lol


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Aug 4, 2009
northern ky
I think I've worn gloves once, didn't care for them as it felt like I lost my dexterity. Even wearing gloves, I would still have blood from my wrist to my elbows anyway so I don't wear them. To each their own.......

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