Ginsburg: I thought Roe vs Wade was to rid undesirables

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by Colorado_Hunter, Jul 8, 2009.

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    of course i would demand it.i would rather my daughter go through 9 months of hell than 50 or 60 yrs of hell that one is some reaserch on the mental health of women in thier 30's and 40's who have had abortions.
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    Once again, I appreciate your honesty. I don't need to d the research because it will not change my opinion on abortion. I'd venture to guess there are the vocal "regretters", who now champion Pro-Life movements as well as the people who've accepted the decision and still support Pro-Choice. The fact a portion of the women who've gotten abortions, regret them, doesn't sell the argument either way.

    If you have a daughter, may she live a very long and happy life. Any inference to your family was purely hypothetical. No ill will ever intended. :)

    Floyd T.

    PS: As for your previous post, the definition of "life" and when it begins is as debatable as what "is" is! There is the Biblical interpretation as well as scientific interpretations. Not goin there!
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    Skin Dog 1,I for one am glad that you are in the world today!:)* I was raised by my daddy to be racist white trash.* I'm glad mom decided to divorce his butt even though it warped my mind for life.* It took years for me to undo what he did.* Actually, God did it by teaching me many things.* For instance, one day he revealed to me that no black man had ever once said or did anything harmful to me, just white folks!* I really lightened up after that and actually got to appreciating black culture and wanting to learn what I could from several guys that I played ball with.* There are actually several that I'd have no problem at all with them marrying my sister.* J.D., Dennis B., and Elgin P.* are all three awesome guys who were raised right in regards to how to treat their fellow man and such and such.* White folks can learn a lot from black folks in regards to family and such.* I hope this ain't too racist for anyone.* It's not intended to be.* *
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    Hmmm. . . . Interesting. :rolleyes:

    Another "Let me get this straight" story about the rapist who had 10 big, strong sword-wielding brothers and the scrawny family of the victim. . .

    I guess the moral of this story is that "Thou shalt not rape" or you and ALL your innocent relatives will be put to death. And don't think that just because you're only an innocent uncle that's really a second cousin twice-removed from the rapist or even if you submit to God, you'll be able to avoid the just punishment of death.

    Even if you foolishly attempt to atone for your sins by agreeing to pay homage to God, we'll fix your little red wagon anyway in a very clever, duplicitous and vengeful way!!! ;)

    The only thing I can take away from this story is that if my brother ever rapes some chick, I'm changing my name and moving to Chile. :p

    I can't wait for Art to chime in on this one. :eek:
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    Sometimes, things just speak for themselves. Anything I could say would just take away from the already obvious.:D
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    Do you demand everything else she does in her life as well? :confused:
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    So are 99% of all conceptions. :D
  9. If it is the desire of the victim then yes.

    Let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR that I support abortion in ONLY the extremist of circumstances. Never have I looked at a person and thought "their momma should have aborted them."

    I DO NOT agree with abortions that were simply a result of two people that did not use protection in a moment of passion.

    I would have responded sooner but I've been out of town.
  10. TripleGee

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    Sep 13, 2003

    From your response I gather that you may be thinking that I support killing the entire family??? Not on your life, I was simply sharing a story from the Bible about a rape situation. No weird string of thought or anything like that, just a story.
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    Sep 13, 2003

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