Ghillie suit for turkey hunting

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by charliehustle86, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. charliehustle86

    charliehustle86 6 pointer

    Oct 16, 2014
    Northern Ky
    So I have never got a turkey and its a goal for me this spring. I've called turkeys in and missed once but I get busted a lot. Is a ghillie suit a good idea or over kill? I'm a bigger guy and have a hard time find a tree sit against that's my width at times
  2. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud 12 pointer

    Aug 14, 2009
    Lawrence Co.
    Regular camo has always worked for me,and as little movement as possable.Watch your set up,try to set up so when you see him ,he's close enough to kill.If you can see him ,he can see you.
  3. KY Swamp Beagler

    KY Swamp Beagler 12 pointer

    Feb 20, 2011
    the swamps of western KY
    I use cheap camo. The best investment I've made is a pair of pruning clippers and a good fold up seat with short legs. I can cut limbs and stick them in the ground around me to break up my outline. The fold up seat keeps me comfortable which keeps me still for longer.
  4. Huntertyler

    Huntertyler 6 pointer

    Nov 3, 2014
    Madison county
    Maybe try getting one of this camo burlap material blinds. They have multiple sticks that go in the ground. Keeps your movement hidden and is very easily packed up and doesnt take up much space
  5. shaman

    shaman 10 pointer

    I've got a ghillie suit. I've tried it for both deer and turkey, and frankly, it's superfluous. Normal camo bibs and a jacket get me hens pecking on my bootlaces. The ghillie was hot and scratchy as well, and it caught on everything. It was hell walking through a cedar thicket in one.

    One other thing to consider: a ghillie as well as all these leaf suits put a lot of little tufts out past the normal outline of your body. That means that whenever you move, the little tufts come along too. The result is that they exaggerate your movement. Sure, you may look like a bush when you're stock still, but any little shift and now you're a magical moving bush.

    My advice to folks is to keep it as simple and cheap as possible. My favorite turkey camos are Woodland, Flectarn, and my top #1 is British DPM. Old military style camos have done it for me. For that matter, I've had gobblers in close enough to touch in pre-season scouting trips in just brown Carharts and a barn coat. ( and how they got into my coat, I'll never know!). The key is being still and using your eyes instead of your head to scan your surroundings.
  6. hollandhunter

    hollandhunter 12 pointer

    Feb 11, 2008
    Holland Kentucky
    Ghillie suits are too HOT. Find a leafy suit instead. An basic camo will work just fine. Set up is more important then your camo. An regardless of what you wear if you move they will bust you when they get close.
  7. Rodeo man

    Rodeo man 8 pointer

    Aug 31, 2011
    I'm a bigger guy, and I know what you are talking about. I took an old school chair I found in a dumpster and sawed the legs off to about 4" in the front, and 2" in the back. Get your back to a tree, and lay down a couple of cedar trees in front of you. Keep your hands and face covered, and limit your movements.
  8. WildmanWilson

    WildmanWilson 12 pointer

    Dec 26, 2004
    Western Ky.
    I use a leafy suit and its great. Very light. Can slip it over any clothing. I had one that was on the dark side and I got busted. I guess it looked like a black blob. Just make sure it has light and dark colors and you will be good to go.
  9. kill'n and grill'n

    kill'n and grill'n Fawn

    Apr 17, 2012
    Madison Co.
    I also have a pair of leafy coveralls and it really helps to break your outline up. I have noticed if there's a slight breeze or some wind you can get by with some movement......but not much
  10. charliehustle86

    charliehustle86 6 pointer

    Oct 16, 2014
    Northern Ky
    Thanks for the replys everyone
  11. Pointpuller

    Pointpuller 8 pointer

    Feb 15, 2011
    Tallahassee, FL.
    Leafy suit. Started trying to get a bird with the bow several years ago with out a blind. Leafy suit is the way to go. 1st pic is from 5yds. watch me disappear at 15 yds in 2nd pic.
  12. bird whisperer

    bird whisperer 12 pointer

    Aug 16, 2012
    Hog Town USA
    I made one a few years back with a rectangle of black net and Raffie grass. Looked great but damn near got me shot the first time I used it. When a pair of trespassers snuck up on my setup and pointed there shotguns at the hen decoy I was on the other side of. They had no clue I was there until the dont shoot and the all the other stuff started flowing from my mouth.
  13. Huntertyler

    Huntertyler 6 pointer

    Nov 3, 2014
    Madison county
    Almost same thing happened to me and my uncle. We were hunting on the farm we had leased and it was about 9:30 in the morning. Had already taken a bird earlier so we went to the other side of the farm where heard some gobbles and low and behold a strutted with a couple hens was just over the lip. We pulled up our guns but my uncle yelled don't shoot cause they weren't moving at all. Stood by the decoys a couple minutes before the trespasser finally came out of the woods. Lucky we didn't shoot
  14. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud 12 pointer

    Aug 14, 2009
    Lawrence Co.
    Never assume you're alone in the turkey woods,poachers and trespassers don't care who owns the property.Thats what makes turkey hunting so dangerous ,if they hear a gobble you can bet they're trying to figure out how to get to him
  15. bondhu

    bondhu 12 pointer

    Jul 3, 2015
    Battle Run
    Hooded leafy jacket for me. Most times carry jacket in turkey vest till ready to seat up. Last year left work stopped by a farm i can hunt. blue work pants, Tshirt, work boots.slate call in pocket, 2 diaphragm calls,loaded shot gun in one hand and leafy jacket in other. slipped in fired down with a calcking cut(old school). Immediately hen cut back. Jacket on, set down,cut hard at her.she cut back, Gun up, 3 hens walk to within 5 feet of end of barrel. old tight lip 15 yards behind them. quick cut while moving barrel. Shot .Heavy 3 yr old plus Bird Dead. Complete hunt 20 minutes 5 minutes was me laughing.

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