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Get to the children....The Liberal plan to destroy America


12 pointer
Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
I can’t imagine any man choosing that. While I watched this “grown man” cry like a woman in front of 60+ men and admit he was a queer I felt genuinely sorry for him and wanted to crawl under the couch for him. The one thing that he did choose though was to go from a “normal” acting man to a flaming sissy in 6 months. He chose to look, act and talk very differently from the person I’d known before. The other fella, the one I have known since childhood, doesn’t look or act much like a flamer at all and is in fact a TV news personality likely known by some of you close to the Evansville/Henderson area.
I don’t know why someone chooses to be a serial killer or pedophile either but they are. I feel sorry for those that are confused about who they are. I think it can be mental illness in some cases. Especially the transvestites. It’s why they have high suicide rates even after surgeries. I also believe the more kids see it in our society the more it seems normal to them. Parents and teachers are even encouraging it at very early ages many times. Its getting out of hand.

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