Georgia boy took the big buck i was after in Pennyrile !!!!

Sep 28, 2013
PICT1215.jpg PICT1216.jpg PICT1217.jpg the same buck i believe


6 pointer
Mar 12, 2011
That's the same buck beyond the shadow of a doubt! What a stud of a main frame 8! I would be broken hearted too.
Aug 25, 2013
well at lest we know he is gone. might head up to the camp grounds to see if they are still up there to see if i can get them pics to him too would make i nice trophy he did say he was just going to cut the horns off ... i would of had him mounted
Sep 25, 2013
You come all of the way up here from Georgia to hunt, shoot that dear and then you are just going to cut the horns off??? He should have left that deer for you boys and shot a doe.