Gates owns the Republican Party...


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Jun 28, 2012
Well I’ve said before, but been raked through the coals, a bit on here. When people say, “Voting for a 3rd party is a waste,” or “we should only have two parties”. We’re stuck folks. Yes, I ID with and go with the R more than anything but if all we get for the rest of our lives is the current R and D scene then things will never be that much different in our lifetimes. Crooks galore who sold their souls years ago…on both sides! Career politicians or bust is what it has come to. We’d probably be better off with a monarchy. Chicken or fish that’s all we’re served. Will I vote? Sure. I think it’s American and the right thing to do. Do I really think it makes much of a difference these days? I’m not so sure. And not even so sure we can trust the voting system. So now what?


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Apr 7, 2019
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