Gasoline and Turkey Hunting?


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Apr 13, 2008
I am pretty lucky to have all my hunting spots within 10 miles of my home.With the gas sitiuation,are any of you driving a pretty long distance to turkey hunt and how will it affect your hunting spots,will you just hunt some of your closer spots or will the price of gas not matter to you?

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
My main hunting spots are 2 miles from driveway. Furthest is 15 miles.

Where I live I really can’t worry about gas prices. I’m in the middle of nowhere. I have to spend $10 on gas to go buy gas.

I have been taking my car 30+mpg vs truck 12mpg more and more though.

I can fit a doe in hatchback. Bucks won’t fit, don’t ask how I know…

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Aug 20, 2007
East ky
I am blessed to not have a long drive. But there is one strip job we hunt from time to time it takes about an hour to get to where we hunt. The rest are relatively short drives. Last year we killed 3 on our property and thats a 5 min drive. There was 1 long beard and 4 jakes up here in the fall. Gonna have to put out a cam and check inventory.
Nov 26, 2018
Vine Grove
Heading to Ky lake 3rd April till second week of May. Me pulling the camper. Wife pulling the boat. Didnt stop me when gas was 4 dollars in 2008. 4 1/2 hour drive from home to there. So wont stop me this time.
I’m right there with you, driving from Etown to LBL on the weeekends to scout on the weekends till season starts.


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Mar 14, 2005
My various states hunts are a ways off. It appears at these gas prices that may be Ive got too much time and not enough gas money to keep up with the time. I bet Ive spent 5-600$ scouting in looking at more than one state this year already. I will spend it till I dont have anymore though.

;) But then I only shoot lead and my 12 gauge 870 wingmaster is thirty years old and the gun is patterned;

and I dont have to buy a new sub guage and magic powder shells and a fine new magic sight.

And for the first time in a long time the OOS permits may not be the most expensive part of the trip as it has been in years past.

( I can sure see the drop off in casual driving around town in the last few days...traffic count very very light any trip is expensive!!)
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Aug 20, 2007
East ky
I used a wing master 12gauge for 9 years. Got a 500 and been using it since. Dad took over the 870 and kills turkey every year with. 30” full choke. He uses 2 3/4” #5 mags in it. Funny story. We were hunting a local strip job and we had struck out. So we were driving along and came around a curve and there was a gobbler in the road. As dad stopped he took off running. I jumped out and was trying to get my gun out in a rush but my sling was wrapped around the gear shift. Dad says “just grab mine (870).” So I did and he was running straight away from me. Boom he goes to flopping. I didn’t have a range finder but I ranged it a few days later at 59 . Prolly been more game taken with a wingmaster than any shotgun out there.


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Jul 28, 2008
I'm going to hunt. Maybe not making as many trips to places that are far from house but I'm going to hunt. If I am driving any distance I'll just allow for extra time and set that cruise control and drive a little slower. My truck gets it's best highway milage between 68-70 mph

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