Funny hunting stories with your friends and family

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by bgkyarcher, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    Share goofs or spoofs with your loved ones and or buddies.
    I'll never forget this one. I was quail hunting with my grandpa. Late 70's. Papa would have been 70ish. We had a covey of quail scattered along a fence line. Dogs pointed and I went in and kicked. 2 birds came out. One sailed straight away and I killed it. The other fluttered and lit in a cedar tree. I hollered at Papa and told him to watch it, bird lit in that tree. BOOM! LOL. He smoked it in the tree. I said, "Papa, it was in a tree." He replied, "They're not supposed to do that." lol. Still cracks me up. Daddy and I were sharing stories about him today. He was one of a kind, and Daddy got all of his good qualities. I've been so blessed.
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  2. Grago

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    Dec 13, 2016
    For me would have to be one of my best friends, i am best friends with his dad also, im somwhat older than him. Years ago he was a kid, couldnt see very good at all, i took him bow hunting he was in a tree by himself i was in another tree , but close enough i could see him, he shot a spike, just before dark, dont really know how he seen it or hit it, but anyway he did, it got dark, so we got down to look for it, i was tracking the blood with a fairly dim light, he was a few steps in front of me and he fell over the deer, i said well you found him, he started feeling around on the deer asking if it had horns, he felt the little spikes and said hell yeah he's got horns, i laughed till i cried, Another time same guy i called in a gobbler for him we were in a blind when he shot gun kicked him over in his chair, He is now grown had eye surgery, and killed a lot of deer, he has always been a good friend and without him helping me i wouldnt have been physically able to have hunted this year, but i will always remember him and the spike
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  3. Chilly

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    Here is one we've been joking about here lately with Dad. My squirrel dog gets treed kind of close to a lady's house and barn(200 yds or so). So I thought I was talking loud enough for my brother and my dad to hear, I said let's not shoot the shotguns close to this lady's house. Let's just knock him out with a rifle. My brother takes a couple of more steps and a rabbit rolls out, next thing you know POW, and Dad yells out dead rabbit. I guess he didn't hear our conversation after all. We've been joking about that with him for the past couple of weeks. He still swears he didn't hear us! He said that rabbit was damn good too!
  4. 44mag

    44mag 6 pointer

    Sep 21, 2005
    I always like the stories on here from different hunters ive told a couple myself. Heres a couple good ones involving my brother who i miss at deer season and think of him every day.... i like telling these in memory of him.
    Me and my brother who passed in 2016 was putting up a tree stand in lewis co about 9 yrs ago and we got the bright idea to put together in woods that it would be easier to put together. Wrong! It was a stand we wasnt familiar with and it had a million nuts n bolts and we just used the cheap wrenches that came with the box..... well its gettin dark no light and its starts pouring well im tryin to read instuctions and because of habit of licking fingers before turning pages i lick my fingers even tho its pouring and my bro looks at me water running down glasses says what are u doing.... i was like what he said you are licking your fingers and its pouring the rain ..... ill never forget that was def funny cause we was very frustrated wet cold it was gettin late no light no tools but we got it up the tree we wasnt laughing then but we always got a kick of hom tellin everybody about that as well as he exaggerated the story to make it funnier....

    story 2 is shorter
    Hunting at for knox in 91/92 area 2005 i killed a buck i got on the radio hollered at my dad n bro to come down in holler to help drag it out.... well dad was on top and was there in 5 minutes my brother who was always bad with sense of direction in woods and roads was suppsedly around the ridge from me.... me n dad was waitin waitin waitin i said you should have been here by now i said keep comin he said on radio .... if i go any further ill be in a airport me n dad looked at each other with the funniest looks and was like were the heck is he at lol.... neverthe less 30 min later he found us.... good times!
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  5. riverboss

    riverboss 12 pointer

    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    My uncle and cousins were smoking a squirrel out of a dead tree.
    We ran out of things to burn so my cousin cut his underwear off and stuffed them in the hole! He climbed up a tree and stuck a grape vine in another hole and started feeding it into the tree.
    The elastic burned like a car tire and smoked really good, the old squirrel couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the hole and down my cousin's back! He screamed and fell to the ground, that squirrel put on the after burners and you could see him 100 yrds away it looked like a smoke bomb rolling down the woods!
    I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die.
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  6. bigbonner

    bigbonner 10 pointer

    Aug 5, 2015
    I was probably 12 years old and one night I was out coon hunting with a older friend and he had borrowed a top of the line dog from a drinking buddy of his . Well that dog ran a coon for I bet a full mile and treed then quit and ran some more , then treed again . When we got to the tree My friend saw the coon . He started climbing ( He could climb a greased pole) and I was holding the light on the coon . I could also see another black spot just to the left and I took the light off the coon to see what the black spot was and sure enough it was another coon . Well my friend got mad at me and said hold the light on the coon. I said you had better stop or you are going to climb right into the second coon (he did not know was there) and get eat up. He wasn't so mad when he saw why I took the light off the fist coon.
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  7. riverboss

    riverboss 12 pointer

    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    Another time I was rabbit hunting with a friend, he had seen a show on TV about dogs anal glands getting clogged.
    We let the dogs out and his dog started scooting his butt on the ground.
    He grabbed him up and set him on the tailgate if my truck and started fooling around with his bunghole!
    A few minutes later he started cursing and spitting, it was cold out and there was a little pond that was frozen he used the butt stock if his old 37 to bust the ice and wash that nasty crap out if him face and mouth!
    I laughed so hard I told him that's what you get for digging around in a dog's ass.
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  8. CRFmxracer

    CRFmxracer 10 pointer

    Sep 9, 2010
    louisville kentucky
    Wow lmao
  9. Duster

    Duster 12 pointer

    Bear hunted with a guy who was scared of his shadow. Just knew he would get ate by a hungry bear. Would be out at the pickup point way before dark waiting. Why he even went was beyond me if he was that scared. Couple of guys went into town and bought a large teddy bear and got the guide to take them to that guys stand/bait site in the middle of the day and put that bear in his stand tied against the tree. Guy goes in later that day and see's a bear in his stand and came right back to the road. Sit there until dark, about 8 hours until they came to pick him up. He was mad, real mad because they pull that on him and refuse to hunt the rest of the week. Sure glad he had not rode 1200 miles in my truck up there. Would have been a long ride home. He was pissed for quite a while over that. Guys rode him hard over why he just didn't shoot that bear in that stand, couple even offered to go sit with him rest of the hunt.
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  10. KYH5N1

    KYH5N1 10 pointer

    So, a buddy and I were turkey hunting. He had been hearing a gobbler on a long ridge for a couple mornings and we decided to give him a try. Slipped in next morning in the dark and got set up close to where my buddy had been hearing the bird. We sat down in an old fence line, one of us on each side of an open gap in the fence. It's well before daylight . I'm sitting there waiting for a gobble or maybe some tree yelps when I start hearing something walking over my shoulder. I'm trying not to move as the footsteps get closer and closer. I couldn't take it anymore and start turning my head to the right to look. About the time I can see my buddy out the corner of my eye, I hear this toe curling growl and this large dark shape is hurling toward my face! I took evasive action and rolled to my feet about the time a huge 'coon hit the tree I was sitting against and scrambled up. I think I screamed like a little girl and maybe peed a little. Needless to say my buddy was rolling on the ground laughing at me. Didn't hear the gobbler that morning but I got a good scare and my buddy got a good laugh.
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  11. Cornpile

    Cornpile 12 pointer

    Dec 1, 2006
    Kornfield County,KY
    During rifle deer season about seven years ago, my old hunting buddy
    Lee and I were sitting in a box blind on a wood line watching a open field.
    We had been there since before daylight,Lee sitting in a chair looking
    down a narrow swath where the field ended into a point at the far end.
    I was sitting to his right watching up the field out the other window.
    It was getting to be about 9am and I asked Lee if he wanted a breakfast
    sandwich and some coffee.I stood up and bent down to the cooler to get
    the sandwiches.Then as I turned to hand Lee his, I looked out his window.
    There he was walking stiff legged,ears pinned back, a monster heavy horned buck.
    He was about 80yds from the blind slowly walking across the narrow field.He was
    about midway across when I spotted him.I told Lee ,get your gun up and out the window.
    There is a giant walking across the field. Hurry I said...
    Lee about beat the wall out of the blind getting into shooting position.I never heard
    so much noise,me standing there with a sandwich in my hand.Whispering,hurry hurry Lee, he is going to get
    across on you. Shoot!!!! Shoot !!!!
    He got his gun out the window and was looking through his scope. The buck was by then less then 20 yds from the wood line.
    Broadside as a barn,massive body and rack. Shoot Lee ! Shoot Lee !
    Lee just sat there gun out the window staring thru his scope. That dam buck as he reached the woods for some reason turned and came right down the wood line toward us at a slow walk.
    I told Lee,shoot him in the neck !!! Shoot him in the neck!!!!! Lee still staring thru his scope,when the buck was less than 30 yds from
    Lees window and getting closer with every step. At that point, the big thick racked brute just turned at a slow walk right into the woods and disappeared.
    Im standing there looking down at Lee with my mouth hanging open,sandwich still hand, asking him why didnt you shoot that big buck.He was a monster.
    Then after a short silence he answered. I didnt want to shoot him,meats to tough to eat anyway. I was just dumbfounded at his reply.....
    A few weeks after season I asked him again why he did not shoot that big buck.He finally said,,,,Tell the truth I never
    did see him...
    He had a bad case of the worst buck fever I had ever been witness to.....He kept looking in his scope for the buck he could not find or
    see. Never once did he look up over his scope to locate the buck.....
    My hunting buddy Lee. God bless his soul......
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  12. Grago

    Grago 8 pointer

    Dec 13, 2016
    This one would be on myself Years ago not even sure if i was old enough to drive but did all the time anyway. I coon hunted often and was needing a live coon to put in a cage, and hang up about 8 feet or so, to help train on a pup. There was a guy named Ray, that everyone got to hunt with them to shake out coons he could climb anything, He was our community John Ubanks That Jerry Clower talked about, i guess .So long story short we treed a coon . I gave Ray, a grass sack, may be another name for them i dont know but we used them to get cattle feed in. Somehow or another Ray managed to get this coon by the tail and put him in the sack. So he comes down and we get in truck, He is on the passenger side, of the truck holding the coon in the sack Somehow or another next thing i know coon jumps on my chest scratching and popping his teeth, i locked the truck up and jumped out and throwed him off me, only had a few scratches but last time i ever rode in a truck with a live coon in a sack
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  13. Killroy

    Killroy 8 pointer

    Apr 18, 2007
    in a hospital
    My father and I drove about an hour and a half to a farm in Cumberland County for opening morning of fall shotgun turkey. I killed mine immediately after flydown. I picked out the biggest hen out of about 60 birds and dropped her at close to fifty yards. She had six little 1-2 inch long beards. Well, the rest of the flock scattered and we set up about three hundred yards away where two hollers met off of opposing ridgelines. I had just started learning to mouth call with voice only and I started doing young turkey and fighting sounds to the best of my ability. It was one of the neatest things I have seen in the wild. Two groups of about 15 came flying out of those opposing hollers and met 15 yards in front of us with feathers flying. They were kicking and pecking and flopping all over each other. My dad raises his gun and fires. Instead of a BANG, we get a kerfluffle noise and the whole load of shot rolls out of the end of the barrel and falls to the ground about ten feet in front of us. Dad yells, "WHAT THE HECK!!!" Every one of those turkeys stopped fighting to laugh at the crazed hunters yelling right next to them. Dad was so tore up that he jacked another shell in and shot about the littlest turkey in the group. Looked about like a big Cornish hen.

    I will never forget what that dud shell sounded like when it went off and all of those turkeys just staring at us like we were interrupting something important.
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  14. HCDH66

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    Apr 10, 2019
    Hardin County
    My buddies and I were rabbit hunting with my dogs around a thicket. There was a house trailer about 150 yards away from the thicket. I made sure to tell my cousin and his buddy, who were on the side of the thicket next to the trailer, not to miss if a the dogs ran a rabbit out that way. Well, of course, a rabbit came tearing out of the thicket right towards the trailer. They each emptied their guns on him but missed. The rabbit ran underneath the trailer with my two beagles in hot pursuit. They must have barked under that trailer for at least 30 seconds before the rabbit ran out again, barking their lungs out and raising all kinds of h$ll. By that time, my cousin and his buddy had reloaded their shotguns and fired again at the rabbit, emptying their guns once again and missing. The old lady who lived in that trailer nearly had a heart attach with all of the noise from the 12 shots and two dogs baying, but that did not keep her from coming out on the porch and yelling at us at the top of her lungs to “get the hell off of my property.” (Of course I had permission to hunt the property from her son, but that didn’t matter that day.) I finally got my dogs wrangled, and we got the heck out of there before that rabbit ran back underneath her trailer again.
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  15. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    Reminds of a funny. Duck hunting in my buddies big ol super john on Barren lake one morning. 6 of us. One of the guys said, "If we get any cripples, let me shoot them. I loaded up some light loads for cripples last night." First volley, we've got a black duck trying to swim away. Dean says, "I'll get him." Throws one of his light loads in and shoots. Gun goes pffffff. lol. The shot rolls out the barrel, bounces off the side of the blind, and into the water. Without skipping a beat, Richard said, "GD, those are light loads." lmao. I about swallowed my dip.
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