Frog season


12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
Blue herons are frog killers
I believe some kind of spray run off got them on one pond. It's got a lot of cover-weeds, cattails, willow, etc. Normally has a lot of frogs. It's about 2 acres. I went half way around it and never saw or heard a single frog. Somebody had already gigged another pond. Guess they couldn't wait for season to open. One pond had plenty on it, but they were in places I couldn't get to.

Dark Cloud

12 pointer
Aug 14, 2009
Lawrence Co.
We had 5 of us in the buggy tonight. 75 good frogs, but it took 6 hours and 2 dozen ponds. Nothing like the old days. I generally blame coons for everything, and this is no exception.
They're on ice. I'm takin a nap. I'm gettin too old for this shit
There’s a pond across from the house ,I see a crane there a lot ,looks to be catching frogs sometimes

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