Friends........We sure could use your Prayers in our house........

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by 12 pointer, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. rcb216

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    Sep 25, 2005
    Robertson Co.
    Dr. Patel will take good care of her. Prayers for your family.
  2. c100max

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    Nov 10, 2003
    Prayers for you and the family!
  3. bgkyarcher

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Prayers for you. God bless.
  4. Never to late.......:)..Thanks again everyone.
  5. LSOSGT1109

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    Jul 22, 2012
    Laurel County
  6. raidergson

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Garrard County
    Prayers sent as well.
  7. 7mmx2

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    Nov 8, 2007
    Prayers sent...I wish you comfort in the roads ahead.
  8. Thanks for all the Prayers Everyone.........To get yall up to date..We were called in for the official results telling us the details. She had Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Test revealed she is in the "Chronic" stage and this is the better of three stages to be in. Again, get your blood check every 6 months folks, it may very well save your life. You don't have to wait till you feel bad to go to the Dr. We are going to begin her with a medication called Gleevac. Without insurance, it's $9,000 per month. My health insurance has a maximum out of pocket of 4000 per year and we have already paid our deductibles which is 500 per person or 1000 per family. I am not sure what this will cost but if I have to, I'll live in a cardboard box to care for my wife. Please keep praying. We will start her on this med and If her body does not for some reason agree with it or it does not begin returning her White Cell count lower, there are other. Last resort is a marrow transplant but he says with these new medications, it seldom comes to that. Doc said he diagnosed a 20 year old with it recently and lost a lady that was non-compliant. Get your selves checked, for you and your love ones. Other than being a little tired from low iron as she is already anemic, she had no symptoms. Get the symptoms and you are farther advanced and in bigger trouble. Thanks everyone.
  9. Strutter

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    Dec 9, 2001
    Thanks for the update and more prayers sent for you guys. Hope she responds to the meds and gets better soon.

    Regarding the 6 month blood checks, I give blood at work every couple months or so and wonder if they check for things like this.
  10. I seriously doubt it. I beat Melanoma back in 2003 and I have it checked every 6 months. Full blood screen. they check everything form cholesterol, triglycerides, testosterone, thyroid, blood cell counts, all that. It's just a few bucks. But you don't have to have ever had cancer like Melanoma or anything like that, just a routine blood test, as my wife did. I appreciate the thought and Prayers........
  11. rcb216

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    Sep 25, 2005
    Robertson Co.
    I hope works out for you guys. Prayers again for ya wife and for you. It is tough. But love between you and love for Jesus will pull ya through.
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    Prayers for your wife, Mike. Dammit.
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    Dec 27, 2004
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    Just seeing this Mike. Praying for your family my brother. having a good docter helps, but the Man up stairs is the best doctor of all. If you need anything please let me know.
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    Mar 22, 2014

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