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Nov 6, 2013
West KY
Little Jr decided he wanted to hunt yesterday afternoon. He's been putting out corn and watching his phone for deer pics from the back of our 10 acre home property which I thought would never have a daylight deer. He even hung his own lock on stand (He cut all the limbs off the tree and it looks like a light pole hahaha). After breaking his radius bone in his arm 1 1/2 weeks ago, climbing the tree was out of the question. So, he decided to sit in his ATV path in the tall grass just in front of the stand location. What use to be 3 does coming in a group has now been reduced to 2 does. He made a great 20 yard shot and the doe only ran 50 yards in the bean field and fell over. He said he knew she was dead when he pulled the trigger. Sitting in the grass, he used his knee to hold the crossbow since he can't use his left arm to hold it up. He's more excited about this doe than any deer he has shot in the past. Plus it is his first crossbow harvest using a crossbow he won in a turkey hunting contest last year. He put in the work prepping the area and hanging the stand 100% by himself. Little man is growing up. Now on to hunting our farm for something with nicer headwear.


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