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Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by Kcoyboy, Dec 28, 2010.

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    How do the preprogrammed calls work? Do they put the same files on each unit or do you get to pick the ones you want and they program it before delivery?
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    depends on where you order it from
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    Kcoyboy...... sorry I had'nt responded to your post. Been out of pocket for several days and this has been the first time I've had to catch up on the site.

    As already mentioned.... theres two places that I know ....Foxpro & All Predator Calls that will program the sounds when you order the Spitfire...or any other Foxpro call. They will put the sounds on that you select...which is why mine has 8 rabbit sounds...along with the other sounds I wanted. For this reason alone is why I ordered mine direct from Foxpro and their customer service is great. Even at can still change sounds by purchasing another card pre programmed or program it yourself. You will just need Foxpro's programming utility downloaded which is free on their site and a micro-sd card reader. Just remember with either will have to sinc the remote with the caller allow the sound to show up on the remote to select.

    A pre programmed micro-sd card by Foxpro is around $50...for 24 sounds. Compare this to a JS card with only 4 sounds at $20 plus...the Foxpro route is more economical. However...its not the only route to go. Theres free sounds on other sites & even at Foxpro...which you can do it yourself at no cost for the sounds.

    As far as cold weather issues with the Spitfire...I really have'nt experienced any and its been used a bunch in below freezing temps. Its my understanding the issue some have had is with the LCD screen on the remote freezing up or not being legible. This is not really an issue if you just keep the remote warm by carrying inside your jacket between sets.....which is what I do. It also does'nt hurt & helps battery life if you use a handwarmer(hothands /ect) to keep the remote & caller warm while between sets. I drop one in my call bag and keep one down in a pocket of my insulated bibbs. Again....I just have'nt had any issues but a little preventive measures does'nt hurt.

    I will also the initial release the Spitfire software had some glitches. The software went from version 1 to version 4 in just a few months. Mine when purchased and a lengthy discussion with the Foxpro rep over the phone...had the version 4. I have not had the first hiccup and to give Foxpro credit....they offered a free upgrade to anyone who had purchased a Spitfire with the earlier software....along with some free sounds for the inconvienence.

    The Spitfire is an great call for the money. It does'nt have all the bells & whistles as with other Foxpro calls ...but its half the price in comparrison to their next level of calls. It too just a matter of what you need or want to spend money on. If cost is not an issue.... buy one of the upper models. Just dont confuse it as a necessity to have the more expensive call to get results....its just not the case.

    The Spitfire is plenty loud enough and remote range has never been an issue. I usually set-up with caller & decoy at anywhere from 25yds to 40yds away from my position. I've had yotes hang up well out of my shooting abillity or flare quickly before presenting a shot. The further you set the caller out ....just means a further shot or even less time to react. Geographically speaking... the areas I hunt ....just dont provide the necessity to set-up a 100 yds away from caller location. Kentucky... or eastern yote hunters in general ....cant be compared to what you see yote hunters out west doing.

    I'm also not trying to sell you on a paticular brand e-caller. J/S has some of the best quality sounds I've ever heard. Theres Burnam Bro's, Western Rivers, Edge...and many more manufactures to choose from. You can make your on with an mp-3 player & speaker....or even use a cd or cassete player. You can also save some money and just use hand calls only. The e-calls are just another tool to use but it does'nt mean your going to kill anymore yotes by spending the most money.
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    Feb 28, 2008
    Thanks again JD really appreciate the lengthy reply. Good luck on the yotes this year!!!!! I think Foxpro is the way to go. seems like they have a good product line and good service. Thats what Im looking for. In todays world thats hard to come by. Ill just shell out the cash! last year I bought an M1A for $1400 just because I wanted one. Its a little heavy for a yote gun (11 lbs with the scope but what the heck. Ive also got many 223s including a 700Bdl that shoots half inch groups at 100yds. Ive been reloading for 30 plus years and enjoy shooting and hunting. If anyone is looking at this thread from Northern Ky. I sure need to join a new gun club! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also any new areas for yote hunting. Thanks again for all the replies from everyone!! Happy New Year!! Its great talking to all Kentucky hunters. This is a great hunting and gun loving state!!!
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    Feb 28, 2008
    I ordered the Firestorm! Called Fox Pro got a good rep very helpful. I got them to custom make the 50 sounds for fox and coyote no extra charge . i also ordered the rechargeable batt pack. All shipped for about $460. It also has a 5 year warranty which sounded good for me. Also can add up to 200 total sounds. From what ive been reading on this forum I think I made the right choice. thanks again everyone and all the people contributing to this forum. Good Huntin KCB
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    Feb 28, 2008
    Got a great DVD on Yote huntin Coyote Rage!!!! Really good anyone else seen?

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