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    Does anyone use the plastic coyote decoy? Bought one at field and stream but have yet to use it.
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    I used a Fox Jack on my old Spitfire and when I switched to the ShockWave about 3 years ago....I bought the FoxJack 3 for it. I’ve loved both of them and being able to control them on the callers remote makes it simple.

    Which in my opinion.... I’ve bought everything directly through FoxPro. Their pricing is the same as any of their dealers and figure there’s not much question on warranty when your order history is right there with FoxPro.

    I’ll also add.... I called & killed more yotes with that Spitfire than I have with the ShockWave. Which much like you...I switched to get more volume / sound ....better caller in general with more bells & whistles. Which all thats good & well...but it took me awhile to learn not to get too loud ...which its easy to do. Once I figured that out ....I started calling yotes back up again.

    I gave my son in law my old Spitfire .... but I still consider it to be one of the best callers made. Those sound levels were all you really need.... i just didn’t realize it either.
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