Foxpro Calling Sequences?

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  1. Well being semi-new to coyote hunting I have done surely what most newbies usually do. I have bought the top of the line foxpro fury, done many many hours of research on the internet, and even have bought multiple videos. Yet as I read through the threads no one really touches on calling sequences that works well for them. On the videos they sit down and Jackrabbit distress every time but thats out west. What about here in Kentucky, where it sounds like most of us are from. Does any one have any calling techniques that they consider above all. Thanks for the help and tips, Im sure all of us could learn a little something from everyone else.
  2. Jimmie in Ky

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    Pick a sound and turn it on . Keep hte volume down low and bring it up just a bit later. Coyotes don't care what it is that's making the sound. It's either dinner or needs its butt kicked. Don't over do hte volume above all. Jimmie

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    Oct 14, 2009
    I do the same as Jimmie start out low and slowly increase after 5 to 10 minutes later. However I do switch up the calls some. Sometimes I will start out with some distress sound and give it 5 minutes then I will throw a fox and coyote fighting sound as if they are fighting over the distressed animal or I will add some crow fighting sounds like they are killing something. It has worked for me on numerous occasions. I also will mix a coyote death cry in after 30 seconds of the fox and coyote fighting call for 5 seconds or so then go right back to the fighting call. Sounds stupid but It has worked really well for me. It is a trial and error kinda deal. Try different sounds. I play animals that arent even in this state. They just want an easy meal. Good luck!!
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    Same here.....I usually set the caller out anywhere from 30yds to no more than 50 yds...pending conditions. I'll start off at low volume....basically I just want to barely here it from my location. As time in the set goes on...I'll gradually raise the volume up. Even if its windy....I still pretty start the same way....I set it just to where I can here it over the wind. Which...I know if I can here it....I know good & well a yote can. Also...being cautious in this manner may keep from spookin a yote that may be close when you begin your just never know. If you begin loud...sounding like a 250lb may very well "blow-out" critters from the area on the get-go.

    As far as sounds.....basically I use a lot of different rabbit distress including the lightning jack. I normally dont mix too many sounds on a set with the exception of say..start with adult cottontail...I might switch to rabbit duet before I relocate. Similar to x-force....I may even at the end of a dry set... use some yote sounds. Trying to make out like there are yotes there at the distressed critter. For this I may use canine pup distress...yote challenge sounds...even a ki-yi...just to put a little realisim of yotes being agressive at the kill.

    As with any prey distress sounds....Ky / eastern yotes vs. western yotes....neither does'nt recconize a difference between cottontails & jack rabbits. To them its just an injured easy meal. Bird sounds...rodent sounds...fawn just the same. Theres just not any guaranteed sequence that will work all the time and any sound can work at any given time. Just have to figure out what reaction you get on that day.

    I'll also add.....many use stop & go calling.....others like to run the call constant on a set. Personally....I like to run the call for a couple minutes...then wait 5-10 minutes before running the sound again. Which I admit....I may stay longer on a set than most. Some guys are in & out of a set in 20 minutes.....I may stay a good 45 minutes or longer before relocating. My mindset...sure some yotes will rush right in ...but many...especially pressured....may be slower to come in. I've seen a lot more of the latter than ones coming in full throttle.
  5. Jimmie in Ky

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    That start and stop isn't a bad idea at all JD. Breaks up that constant monotony of the e-caller. If you can run it for thiry or forty seconds and off for two minutes will work too. The idea behind this is to keep them looking and not rushing it. Jimmie

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    Oct 14, 2009
    I posted a story on last evenings kill and included the sequence that I used. I try all kinds of off the wall sequences and 6 out of 10 times they work. I keep my caller going most of the time. I have seen yotes from a distance coming in and turned it off and the yote seemed like it just lost interest. He then just walked a way. I really don't think anyone is for sure what these intelligent creatures are thinking. I just try different things and try to store it up in the ole computer up stairs(brain) and use it later on down the road.
  7. Well I have Sunday off so I am going to take some new advice and go try it out! Thanks guys for the input.

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    Thanks guys trying to get all the pieces to add up to success all this helps

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