Four devil women

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dreamhunter, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. 00noturkey

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    Oct 31, 2011
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    there is no freedom of speech, in a fascist/socialist regime. only hatred, and its OK to hurt those, that dont think the same way.. take away the silver, and gold in the teeth of those who oppose you, or a manufactured enemy.
    Come On Now, its OK now to wear a hood, and attack people.. destroy property.. and the police are not allowed to do anything??
    you have to know what follows is the police, are the attackers also..,, in a manner of speaking..
    that has been done already, the police, and the brown shirts.
    the Mueller probe?, what was becoming a police state, an still lingers on.
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  2. ojibwa62

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    Jul 1, 2018
    Andrew Wilkow calls them the new spice girls TheSquad Gaza Spice, Woke Spice, Jihad Spice and Squeaky Spice. Guess who is who.
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    Nov 24, 2008
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    Sep 23, 2016
    Freedom of Speech just disappeared before our eyes. The Authoritarian Democratic Socialists and the Media just took it away. POOF!
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  5. This is why I follow Herman Cain lmao. His response to Trump saying he didn’t agree with “send her back” chant....

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    Hasn’t heard about the brother/marriage deal. Apparently it can’t be proven or disproven.
  7. 00noturkey

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    Oct 31, 2011
    high grove, ky
    i was thinking of war, petulance, plague, an disease.
    i picked 1 for war, 1 for maybe disease.. i forget what the 4 horsemen , are named..
    the one on the white horse was Death, best i remember. that covers all 4 though..
    Gaza, Woke, Jihad, and Squeaky, sounds more like 4, of 7, of the dark dwarfs, that plotted the raise the dark queen. Nancy??? i doubt she is the one, rings close though...
    when the picture of, nancy and chuck, is shown, time after time, standing together, i think of that picture, a father and his daughter, one is holding a pitchfork. a farm setting..
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    Feb 18, 2014
    Today AOC says illegal alien is not correct term, neither is illegal immigrant, it should be undocumented American!!! She's the gift that keeps on giving. Please no one shut her up!
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    Oct 11, 2005
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    Dec 19, 2017
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    They mean well and wanna help , I think they would be of much help with drugs , how much heroin does it take to kill an American hater , how many bees does it take to sting a Muslim until they die , will a shark eat a Muslim before a fish ? If you hang a murderer and all four of them at the same time what order would they go in , who would folks cry the most over those are test that interest me , a lot of good things like that they could help figure out

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