Found one hung in fence


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Jan 13, 2012
Shelby county
Back in October found a Doe hung in fence. While I was checking fence. She wasnt hurt hadnt been there to long didnt look like. Went back to 4 wheeler got fencing plies and cut her free. Then fixed the fence back. But found several dead thru the years hung in fences.


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Aug 21, 2007
the woods
I found a yearling doe a few years ago that hung both back legs. It had dug a hole about a foot deep with its front legs trying to get out. May have been dead less than a day. Pretty sad to see it die like that.


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Nov 13, 2003
Foster, KY, USA.
I found 4 around here just this year. Since pretty much everyone in these parts has the mesh fence with a strand of barbwire on top it happens all the time now. Every one I've seen got hung up on that barbwire strand. I don't really see the point in it myself, doesn't seem like it would do anything to keep cattle in. I convinced my cousin, who's farm surrounds most of mine, to take that top strand down in a few places and the deer definitely notice and will purposely cross in those spots now.


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Aug 27, 2004
Henderson, Ky, USA.
my dad found one stuck while going to a middle school basketball game. It was still alive so he was able to get it out and it hobbled off.Also, it happened to be at the farm we used to have permission to hunt. Fast forward two years, and we were hunting. I heard him shoot and he happened to shoot the same deer he rescued. Reason being that I know it was the same buck was the opposite side was non-typical and the other side scored 75” typical.

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