Found 3 nice rubs today

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Dennis, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Dennis

    Dennis 8 pointer

    Oct 24, 2004
    vine grove ,kentucky
    i've hunted for several yrs. But never could determine by a rub what size buck made this..So bring on your opinions ..I found 3 different ones about 5 yds apart .All were cedar trees which have 2.5 inch trunks at the base and about 2.5 in through were the rub was made..The rubs were about 2 ft. tall and the last limb broken off was about 3/8 inch thick and broken off about 2 inches from the trunk. Now i seen limbs broken off as high as 4 ft. and several limbs as described above were broken off the largest cedar.. They appear to have been made within the last 3 or 4 days..So whats your opinions on size?:confused: I'm headed back there sat. morning for the muzzelloader opener..Should i try a little rattling and use the grunt tube as well?
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  2. muzzy125acc

    muzzy125acc 12 pointer

    Oct 31, 2002
    Good Luck is all I can say:D
  3. notimlmit

    notimlmit 12 pointer

    Feb 7, 2007
    Barren co.
    Sounds like you might have found a rub line which can be productive. Only thing is an average buck can make a rub on a fairly good sized tree. The arm and leg size rubs with deep marks from sticker points is what excites me. Give it a shot and see what wonders by. If there is a food source close by all the better.
  4. bigpuddin43

    bigpuddin43 12 pointer

    Feb 21, 2007
    I witnesseds a little spike rubbing on the biggest tree ive ever seen a rub on. so size of tree doesnt matter what i look for is how bad they have worked it over to show aggression usually bigger bucks are more aggressive but not always I also look to see how low a buck rubs if it is almost all the way to the ground a little four point or spike would have to shove his face in the ground to rub that low but a big buck whose antlers stick out in front of him more doesnt have to and is more likely to rub lower than some smaller bucks. just my opinion but just a couple things i look for.
  5. sixxfan26

    sixxfan26 10 pointer

    Oct 4, 2004
    Butler, Kentucky, USA.
    The so-called experts say that small bucks RARELY make big rubs, but big bucks make ALL size rubs, big & small. If you see a big tree + big rub combo, there MAY be a chance a bigger buck made it. But you can't be certain either way you look at it. I once saw a picture of a tiny spike buck rubbing on a tree that was probably 10" in diameter.
  6. Jughead

    Jughead Banned

    Nov 14, 2006
    its hard to say the size of that buck,.. sounds like a job for the ol' trail cam.
  7. buckfever

    buckfever 12 pointer

    Oct 25, 2002
    Harrods Creek Ky, USA.
    All due respect, but I disagree.

    I think that axiom holds pretty much holds true. Although you didn't see a big buck at the rub, I'd pretty much bet my bottom dollar that a big buck did make it, and the other deer were just using it after the fact.

    I've got lots of pictures of different bucks hitting the same rubs, but I would be very skeptical of claims that a small 2 yr old 8 ptr opened up a "chainsaw" rub on an 8" cedar.
  8. I personally like to find large "sign post rubs". This tells me that more than likely I have a big boy in the area and he is big enough to let everyone else know he is "in the area".

    Just be careful of a lot of small rubs that are close in proximity. Many times this means that you are real close to a bucks bed room.

    Also pay notice to the direstion the rubs are facing. If they are made as sign post rubs, often the buck makes them in a manner where they are visable to him along his route. You often and determine whether the rubs where made in the morning or evening depending on how the sun hits them. This is not always 100% fool proof but it has worked for me in the past.
  9. huntindawoods

    huntindawoods 12 pointer

    Apr 9, 2007
    hunt it and just wait it out and see what size deer did it, hope you get him and hope he's a good one
  10. Ballard County Bounty

    Ballard County Bounty 6 pointer

    Sep 4, 2007
    Ballard County
    This is what I was always tuaght...Big bucks can make small rubs but little bucks can't make big rubs!
  11. quackrstackr

    quackrstackr Welcome to Fantasy Island Staff Member

    Nov 19, 2003
    The Island
    It's been my experience that even small bucks will hit a good sized cedar. I put a lot more stock into big rubs on hardwood trees.
  12. fusion308

    fusion308 8 pointer

    Nov 23, 2005
    You are right about hardwood trees like hickory,you find these fencepost size,then you are in a wallhangers area.............
  13. Dennis

    Dennis 8 pointer

    Oct 24, 2004
    vine grove ,kentucky
    Where i found the rubs was just off the edge of a thicket which i think is a bedding area. I can approach without disturbing the area. I have a portable stand and have picked out a good tree about 20 yds away from the rubs and the bedding area is on the oppiste side of where i will approach..The only thing is the wind won't be in my favor. But i'll just have to make the best of it. Lots of red and white oaks in the area as well..So we'll see what the weekend brings. I can only hunt Sat and Sun morning have to be at work 2nd shift. I'm going to try a little grunting and lite rattling as well..

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