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  1. Lot's of folks don't see very many because lot's of folks park their trucks, walk 100 yards into the woods and sit there until daylight. Then they walk around until about 11:00 and spend the next hour or so eating and BSing around the truck. After that they walk around some more, get mad because they haven't seen any deer and leave.

    I'm beginning to think the naysayers are right though. Sunday afternoon I went into an area I had never been in before and I didn't see a deer. I was sitting on a well used trail intersection that had one set of fresh tracks on it. Since I'm not a Game Warden, Area Guide, Range Control, etc I am convinced that this is why I saw no deer. Now granted it was 4:45 PM before I got settled, the wind was blowing 20 mph toward where I expected the deer to come from, and it had rained Saturday night but I'm jumping on the no deer/conspiracy bandwagon!:D
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    Semper, I was an area guide for over 20 years in 4 different areas, so I have a little experience knowing how people hunt. I know why they stay and why they lately they leave more than they stay.
  3. Alright Multi, I'll agree to disagree with you on this one.

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