Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix


12 pointer
Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
I found this series a couple of weeks ago and I finished watching the first season last night. I've enjoyed watching Formula 1 races (they don't stop racing when it rains AND there are no commercials during the races) over the past six months or so but I didn't really know anything about the sport until I found this series.

There are ten teams - each team has two cars - and the amount of money each team spends each year is insane. The races are held all over the world - Australia, Russia, Belgium, Monte Carlo, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA (Austin, Miami)....The the tracks - and scenery - are spectacular.

Everyone in the sport is an alpha dog. The way the drivers go after each other reminds me of NASCAR back in the day. There is a LOT of salty language.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the first season. If you like fast cars you might want to check this series out.

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