Forestry Mulcher


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Jun 15, 2003
Louisville, KY, USA.
Does anyone know anyone with one of these machines that offers land clearing/clean up as a service? I know some guys with dozers, bobcats, etc., but I'd really like to get the debris cleaned up with a mulcher. Any suggestions?


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Aug 4, 2009
northern ky
I was looking for one a while back and found one in Evansville, Indiana. Can't remember for the life of me the company name though. If you google forestry mulching you will see a couple in western ky. I needed 10 acres cleared after a cedar logging job, but decided to use a dozer instead due to cost (I believe the forestry mulching was going to cost about 4 times the amount of a dozer).


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Nov 19, 2006
I'm sure it's pricey but check some of the local landscapers or tree companies like Bob Ray, or a few others do it for developments and such.

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