Follow the money: How Shadow Inc, the Iowa caucus app company, is tied to George Soros

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    Follow the money: How Shadow Inc, the Iowa caucus app company, is tied to George Soros

    Have you ever noticed that anything expensive associated with Democrats always has the billionaire leftist behind it in some significant fashion?

    February 5, 2020


    “Uh oh,” they’ll say. “Here comes another right-wing conspiracy about George Soros.”

    In this case, “they” are the Democrats and their mainstream media puppets. As for this being a conspiracy theory, it’s not. It’s confirmed. George Soros, the billionaire behind so many radical progressive movements in America, was the largest donor to the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a political nonprofit operated by President Obama’s initial Attorney General, Eric Holder. The NDRC provided the bulk of the funding to Pacronym, a super PAC bent on electing Democrats to office across the nation.

    Pacronym is the super PAC arm of Acronym, a “dark money” group that happens to have purchased Shadow Inc in early 2019. Shadow Inc is the company behind the app used by the Iowa Democratic Party to report results from the precincts to the party itself. At least that’s what it was supposed to do. Thus far, it has proven to be a complete and total failure. After results were delayed until a partial reveal yesterday, we’re still waiting for the full tally two days after the caucus took place.

    According to an article by Sludge, an anti-corruption publication, George Soros was by far the biggest donor to the fund that drives Acronym, giving $2.6 million from 2017 until mid-2019.

    Since 2017, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee has received six- or seven-figure amounts from 23 donors, most of whom are unions or corporate executives, according to Sludge’s review of IRS documents. Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros ($2.6 million) and media executive Fred Eychaner ($1.5 million) sit atop the funders, while unions American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME; $572,000), Air Line Pilots Association PAC ($300,000), and Service Employees International Union COPE ($200,000) have also contributed large sums.

    Conservatives aren’t the only ones pouncing on this. Many on the far-left are crying foul over Pacronym’s association with Shadow Inc. Though the group does not claim to favor any of the presidential candidates, their leadership is considered to be more attentive to moderate Democrats, shunning both Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It’s no surprise that both former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Amy Klobuchar contracted with Shadow Inc last year. What’s more conspicuous is the apparent winner of Iowa, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, gave large sums of money to Shadow Inc for unknown reasons.

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