Foggy morning double shot

Thunder Head

8 pointer
Dec 5, 2005
In the shadow of currahee
It really wasn't foggy when I left the house but the closer it got to daylight the worse it got. I walked out to my first setup and couldn't see the wood line. I set up anyway. I turned the caller on low. About a minute later a shadow caught my eye. I looked hard and something moved. It was a coyote. The yote was paralleling the wood line and not getting closer. I put the scope on it but could just barely make out the shape. I barked at it to get it to stop. I had trouble re-acquiring it in the scope and it started walking directly away. I put the cross hairs squarely on it rump and gave it the ole texas heart shot. I couldn't even tell if I hit. When I walked out there was one dead dog.

Later the fog was starting to lift. I had basically the same ting happen. I could see a little farther but the yote was jut walking. It stopped twice with no shot. It finally walked thru an open area and I barked at it. It stopped broadside and I punched one thru her lungs.

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