Fletching colors vs. accuracy?

Discussion in 'Archery Equipment' started by Iceman35, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Jan 16, 2012
    Different color vanes are dramatically different. If you view them under a microscope you will notice that the dyes used will only allow certain colors of light through, and the different colored vanes will be different colors under the microscope, which means they shoot different.

    Also, ALWAYS make sure you wear white socks with matching colored stripes at the top. Put them under your camo when hunting. Make certain the stripes are the same color so you don't get one color that is heavier than the other and throw your balance off..... Dark blue on one leg and light blue on the other may cause you to tip sideways out of your deer stand from the extra dye on one side.

    truly, while there may be some extremely slight variation which could be scientifically measured, it certainly would not be the factor that throws off a shot of an arrow that is suddenly and violently being thrust forward from a device being held in place free-hand by a human with hundreds of other variables in play. At least a dozen or more variables would be more significant than this. Random uncontrollable variables are likely more significant such as a sudden air draft or a leaf in the flight path.

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    You were in CALIFORNIA, need I say more?
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    Honestly, 2in groups at 25yds does leave room for a little improvement....but he was probably a just little jealous of the attention u were getting.
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    LOL. You would fit in well at our local club shoots. So much trash talking going on it's awful. And it will be even more so during our final Shooter of the Year shoot. There are two guys deadlocked in points in the Hunter Class and one point separating three shooters in the Open C class.

    One of the more famous quotes by one of our shooters is, "It's yours to lose pal".

    As for the question posed by the OP. I've never heard anyone talk about that, but I'm sure the guy has heard it somewhere. There was also a guy say once if you put more draw weight in the top limb vs. the bottom limb of a bow that is top heavy, it helped you hold better because your pulling more weight up top. I don't know how true this is as I've never tried it, but he swore by it.
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    raised n Bullitt Co.

    new reality show coming out called "pimp my bow".
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    You must not visit AT much. lol
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    Granted, its not as tight as I usually like, but given the fact that in addition to this guy, there were 3 or 4 kids yelling and screaming tossing arrows downrange with a rental recurve, I'll chock it up to evironmental distractions. Did I mention the music inside the range was so loud I thought I was at a rock concert?
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    Not saying I shoot much better but that there could be something to it....but i doubt it! On another note, my Redlegs could use a rebound from your Cubbies.:)
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    I usually am happy with that kind of group at 30 yards figuring thats well within the kill zone, but this year I have been trying for touching arrows at 30 and seem to be almost there.

    As far as the Cubs, I'll be down there when they come to Cinc y in a couple of weeks, giving it to the Reds fans sitting quietly in their seats:) Don't know what I'll be giving them as 7/10 ths of our current starting lineup was playing in AAA in April.

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