First deer with a bow


6 pointer
Nov 15, 2008
graves county
Yesterday morning I got in the stand right at shooting hours cause I messed around a little longer than I meant to putting out some scent and stuff. It was a decently morning for all the weather we have been having. At around 7 I hit the rattle bag and grunted a few times but produced nothing. I had been hearing a squeaking and finally figured out it was the platform of my stand. Somehow it was in a bad position and the rain had caused it to squeak a bit. I finally stood up to try to fix it and sure enough a doe had managed to sneak in from the right behind me. She took off and the noises that were made by the stand and then blew at me when I did adjust it but got the squeak gone. I sat there for about an hour just watching and letting things settle. Finally about 9 I decided to try the rattle bag again as I was just about sure with all the squeaking I was pretty well not gonna see a thing. I hit the bag pretty hard for about 30 seconds or so. Low and behold I look and here comes a deer in front of me. I decided right when I saw him I was gonna sling a arrow at him. He got behind a tree giving me time to stand up and as he walked behind a leaning cedar I got drawn back on the old Polar 2. He stepped into a small shooting lane and was keeping going when I stopped him and let the arrow fly. I heard the thud and watched him take off. I was afraid I had hit a bit back really. I waited 1.5 hrs before I even began to trail him. The blood trail was good and after around 100 yds or so I found the arrow. The blood was good and had no gut smell so I knew I had done better than I thought. I continued the track up to a point that the blood just stopped. After looking for a few more minutes I back out and waited until a bit after 2. A friend met me at the property and along with my niece we went to looking. We never could find a trail past where I had gone. They looked around that spot as I walked circles trying to find something to show where he went. After some back tracking and discussing I finally walked up to a neighboring property. As I walked into the field I looked and there he lay about 40 yds from the gate. He had been dead for a good bit as the flies were already on him. I had got a dead on liver shot and just clipped the top of the guts. No blood at all from the last point we had found. It was a great way to end the day and I was happy as could be with my first bow kill. A 40 yr old bow still gets the job done.
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Nov 28, 2011
Awesome story and buck especially for your first bow buck. A good friend of mine bought a new hoyt in 2013 but still uses his old pearson spoiler

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