Finally had some luck


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Apr 3, 2007
I didn't measure them. honestly that's the main thing that got him shot haha. I could tell he wasn't real wide but had long beams.


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
Nice deer! I have no real time experience with the 7mm08 but in my eyes anything in 7 mm is a great round, love the small long bullets over the 30 caliber short fat ones.


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Mar 5, 2014
Washington County
I decided to change farms for my evening hunt today. I went in about 130 to a big hay field and set up a blind. The farmer had a bunch of rolls of hay out in the field still so I just set close to 1 of them. I hadn't much more than gotten everything up and settled in when I look out the side of the blind and seen a small 8 point feeding. About 430 I seen a good buck that at 1st I thought was a shooter going out the ridge but thankfully he stayed up on the ridge where I couldn't shoot because when he circled around and came out at the bottom of the field I got a better look and decided to pass him. He wasnt not really cruzeing, just gettingout of there. I thought to myself I wondering another buck has ran him out. I had a 6 point come out on the other side of me not long after and went to feeding, about this time my friend messaged me and said that he had killed a nice one. Prob 25 mins later 2 does came out on that side as well and I was watching them to see if anything was following but I continued to look out the other windows. I turned and looked out the front and thought that's a deer walking towards me so I raised the binoculars and could tell he was a pretty good buck that I wanted to geta better look through the scope at. He turned his head and I decided he was big enough I couldn't tell alot but thought he had pretty decent main beams and tine length. I let him keep coming and turned on my tactacam and my other video cam. He kept walking towards me and about 120 yards away he turned slightly quartering to me and I decided it was time as I was starting to loose light. I punched him through the center of his shoulder facing me and could tell i hit him hard but reloaded and hit him again as he was running down the field edge. I decided to give mine a little time, go look at my friends deer and bring him back to recover mine. I'm really starting to love this 7mm08 and the nolser accubonds i loaded for it. The last 3 bucks i have killed have been with this combo and im impressed. Unfortunately when i shot i hit my camera closing the screen so it didnt save the video but i did get the scope footage atleast.I'm hoping to get my girlfriend on a buck Sunday and hoping dad will get to feeling better and try to get out with him before season closes.
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Nice buck!! Congratulations! Sounds like a great hunt with lots of activity!!

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